About us

We make different to make a difference


Love for families. Loyal relationships. Commitment to a brighter future. This is what brought us from a toy studio to a meaningful company.

Since its humble beginnings nearly 15 years ago, UNGA has been a proactive company in crafting toys and games that draw smiles on faces. Today, our mission remains as strong as it was on our very first day.

The power
of play

If families and businesses were to form a puzzle, play would be the central piece. As a global creative agency, we thus use the power of play to help them grow together. We design fun and educational concepts, and across multiple channels we collaborate with visionary retailers, brands and partners who care about families as much as we do.

Our passion for toys, games, and design brings out the child in us. That’s how we create meaningful loyalty campaigns that bring families closer together and contribute to quality time and shared moments. We ensure that our playful and enriching concepts really support children’s development.


Why we care

We want to help parents all over the world raise happy and educated children. We believe that one of the most powerful forms of education is play; so we create products that allow education and entertainment to converge.

If retailers or global brands can augment this in a fun and engaging manner, they would be offered an immense opportunity to bond with loyal shoppers.

Everything we do, we do with passion. You can see that in our cases.

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