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Angry Birds Stackies

Client: Plus
Country: The Netherlands
Year: 2016

In May 2016, 25 Angry Birds were catapulted into all PLUS supermarkets in the Netherlands to coincide with the cinema release of the 3D animated comedy Angry Birds. They landed so well, that they made PLUS supermarket reach the highest market share ever noted(!).

We specifically designed these colourful collectables to be stackable – offering hours of exasperation fun as children (and adults) could see how high they could pile them up before they all fell down! 😉

This helps kids develop patience, focus, and problem-solving skills while enhancing their creativity. And of course, they were able to swap some of their flock – including the cynical Red, super-speedy Chuck, explosive Bomb, and hippie Matilda – in the playground.

Shoppers could get 1 free Angry Bird for every €15 spent. Plus, if they bought special items – ranging from apples and digestive biscuits to dishwasher tabs – they could collect 1 or 2 extra Angry Birds for free!

To make sure the Angry Birds didn’t fly away, we also made a collector case – available from PLUS for €1.99.

And last but not least, we planned another bird strike later on in the campaign: three exclusive limited edition collectables. Bigger than before, they took stackability to a whole new level.

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