Disney Weeks: Toy Story 3

Client: Albert Heijn
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2010

Not only did we design and produce 16 high-quality collectible characters fromToy Story 3 but we also augmented play with a fun DIY twist. A mountain made from a box of Kellogg’s cereal? A school made from a packet of chicken tandoori? Andy’s bed made from a packet of orange juice? Children lovedcreating their own Toy Story world from our 12 customised papercrafts which they could download online. Arts and crafts days were organised throughout the Netherlands so kids could craft together. And to boost the campaign further, they could send their friends a ‘Buzz’ message in Hyves (Dutch social network). Almost half-a-million messages were sent.

Toy-Story - sketches
Toy Story
Toy Story