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Player Cards

Client: Plus
Country: The Netherlands
Year: 2016

Soccer and sauce? A recipe for success! Because ‘good football begins with good food’, we sprinkled a special ingredient into soccer cards as we know them. Kids could collect cards featuring the crème de la crème of Dutch professional footballers. While parents got their hands on the favourite sauce recipes of the players’ mums.

For every €10 spent between 31 January to 26 March 2016, shoppers were given 3 football cards and 1 recipe card. We also created two albums where they could stick their stash – one for the kids and one for the parents!

We cooked up a storm in our football-loving nation as PLUS supermarkets all over the country served up delicious activities. Think: autographs on balls, t-shirts and posters; photographs with players; and spicy dishes cooked on-site and handed out to shoppers by famous players. Yum!

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