Wish Buddies

Client: 7th Continent
Country: Russia
Year: 2016

Little wish friends to help kids make their dreams come true? We developed our own IP to do just that! Meet the Wish Buddies: Sunny, Friendly, Lovely, Dreamy and Lucky.
Five brightly-coloured plush toys with zipper mouths.

Kids write their wishes down on a piece of paper (wish leaf), unzip the mouths of the Wish Buddies – and pop it in! It not only encourages them to write and get creative but also think about what steps they need to achieve their wish. While parents and guardians get a window into their small ones’ dreams – and perhaps can make some come true?

To augment the campaign, we created a dedicated website telling the incredible story of how the Wish Buddies arrived on Earth, with creative add-ons such as downloadable colouring stencils. We also built a free downloadable Wish Buddies game app for Apple iOS and Android.

Wishbuddies app