With the help of 35 football superstars across 12 different countries, we made history by bringing our first loyalty campaign to France: Carrefour's Mange Comme Un Champion.

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Our award-winning football sticker campaign that families and kids love!

Carrefour’s Mange Comme Un Champion: Making healthy eating as popular as football

With 30% of the children in European countries being overweight or obese*, Carrefour wanted to raise awareness about healthy nutrition to kids and families, using a collectible promotion that families would like to be rewarded with while on a shopping trip.

Challenge accepted! To help Carrefours’ mission of helping families eat better, UNGA designed a unique campaign, known as “Carrefour’s Mange Comme Un Champion” (“Eat Like A Champion” in English) to provide educational values and inspire families to eat healthier while having fun and celebrating football.

That’s how in May 2020, UNGA and Carrefour started an exciting journey for kids and families to become champions through a healthy lifestyle.

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*World Health Organization

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History in the making with Carrefour’s Mange Comme Un Champion

To motivate kids and families to change their habits, Carrefour and UNGA had to go the extra mile. Families needed to be engaged and inspired by role models. They needed to believe that they could become champions themselves. 

For the first time in a loyalty program, we brought football players from different clubs and national teams together in one powerful campaign. But that was not all! The football players also invited families to participate in this campaign via their own social media channels. Families went nuts!

Football fans were hyped to collect all 105 stickers, featuring no less than 35 football stars from 12 different countries all around Europe. During the campaign period, Carrefour not only gave away stickers but also engaged its customers in a sports celebration adventure.

The campaign counted with in-store and online activation, including a dedicated webpage, media attention, and social media posts from football stars and families. French sports lovers could see, engage, and be inspired by this campaign through different channels, making it an immersive experience.

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Over 100 stickers waiting to be collected at Carrefour France

During their shopping trip at Carrefour France, shoppers received a surprise booklet for every 30 euros they spent. Each surprise booklet contained 3 stickers: a portrait sticker of the player, action stickers of the player, and one sticker of the player’s favorite healthy recipe.

At UNGA, we know that there’s no limit when it comes to having fun. That’s why we’ve also released a Mange Comme Un Champion exclusive collector’s album, available at every participating Carrefour store! The album consisted of 43 beautifully illustrated pages, mini-games with playful and educational content related to nutrition, football, and a healthy lifestyle guide.

Not only limited to physical stores and rewards, shoppers could also download the Mange Comme Un Champion App (available on Apple Store and Google play) to collect digital stickers, create their avatars, access recipes, and play immersive mini-games. The football experience was even more complete thanks to all-access exclusive fun facts about each player available on the app. All together, we created a complete universe made for families into the football world and healthy habits. 


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The best goal we’ve ever scored!

The campaign was a massive hit among shoppers. Thanks to the dedicated POP and POS display in stores, French families enjoyed their shopping experience just as they do in football stadiums. The excitement continued on social media channels, where kids and families actively shared about their favorite players, recipes and exchanged stickers to complete their collection. They did not want only a few stickers, they wanted them all!

Moreover, thinking about the environment, both stickers and collector’s albums were made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, which ensures that the harvest and production were made in a responsible manner. Being able to have fun while taking care of the environment was appreciated by both Carrefour and the participant families.

The quality and design of the stickers and collector’s albums were highly appraised by Carrefour’s customers. In addition, the campaign and line-up of rewards created opportunities for children and parents to spend quality time together. 

With the help of big European idols, the campaign captured international attention. Great football players such as Cristiano, Verati, and Memphis were turned into the perfect ambassadors for the Mange Comme Un Champion campaign.

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A short-term loyalty program with long-term results

By rewarding customers with an engaging shopping experience revolving around family time, healthy habits, and collectability, families and football fans all over France strived to engage with Carrefour and understood more about their core values. Take a look at some of the comments shared online:

“Brilliant campaign to get kids eating like a champion!” 

“We want to eat like champions!!!” 

“My kids are very happy. Thank you Carrefour” 

Carrefour’s Mange Un Champion was not only loved by the retailer, families, and football lovers. The hype was so huge that the campaign won an International Design Award in the Toy Design – Toy for Teens category. Carrefour Mange Comme Un Champion was also nominated to the International Loyalty Awards 2022, as Best Eco-loyalty Initiative. 

We turned healthy eating and football into an award-winning campaign. Since then, Carrefour has been able to outgrow its brand awareness and blossom the relationship between them and their existing shoppers better than before!

Carrefour's Mange Comme Un Champion | UNGA
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