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Families love to pretend play, especially as storekeepers. UNGA felt inspired by this insight, leading us to create the globally popular Little Shop concept. So, we were delighted to collaborate with M&S on our very first Little Shop campaign in the UK!


We downsized M&S's most iconic products.

Collect, Play, Learn, Swap.

The M&S Little Shop craze: Mini-sized products with a big impact

25 mini M&S iconic products in the line-up

Cornish Cove mature cheddar, salted popcorn, Balanced for You Scottish salmon, freshly squeezed orange juice… We recreated 25 of M&S’ most popular products in mini sizes that customers received with every £20 spent at M&S Food.

Customers were able to collect the mini products and build their complete M&S Little Shop alongside accessories such as mini trolleys, baskets, aprons and collectors’ cases, and the biggest fans simply couldn’t resist them.

To make the Little Shop experience even more engaging, a special limited-edition Golden Percy Piggy Bank was added to the line-up of collectables. 1,000 pieces were hidden among the collectables given away across the UK stores for customers to discover.

“Collect, Play, Learn, Swap”: The loyalty campaign went beyond entertainment

Collecting free miniature replicas of M&S products was a fun experience for customers and their little ones. Not knowing which product they would win amplified their excitement. “Which one will I get this time?” was the golden question.

To continue the excitement, M&S hosted 70 swap events in its cafés across the country to help customers swap any duplicates and complete their set.

With each paper packet that concealed the Little Shop collectable was a card with fun facts to help children learn a little bit more about where food comes from.

M&S engaged with families around their core values

A loyalty campaign is always more than a simple promotion. It is an opportunity for retailers to address important concerns and highlight the values they share with their customers.

M&S selected its most Iconic foods in mini sizes based on the stories around them. From its leading sourcing standards to its traceability programs, M&S was able to share these stories as “fun facts” on the cards provided in the flow packs—a playful way to raise awareness about the brand’s values and engagements.


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About M&S

Established in 1884, M&S is a British retailer with 32 million customers across the world. It is known for its award-winning food, clothing and homeware. The retailer has more than 1,400 stores across 57 countries and over 50 international websites.

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Children, already guiding many of the purchasing decisions within their families, are the shoppers of tomorrow. Retailers need to build a meaningful relationship with the youngest generation as well as parents. And the key ingredient to connect and grow with kids and families is play.

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