Intermarché Bricks celebrated, in big style, the second anniversary of Intermarché’s own brand, Porsi. ‘A Minha Loja Intermarché’ campaign took shoppers on a playful journey to become the best store managers of their own supermarket at home!

A Minha Loja Intermarché: Our Famous Bricks Campaign Back in Portugal

Intermarche Bricks: building customer loyalty in Portugal

After the success of Intermarché Bricks Farm’ back in 2019, UNGA Bricks collectibles made a comeback with the Intermarché Bricks supermarket edition.

In 2021, Intermarché decided to do something special for their Portuguese loyal customers, thanking them for their trust and loyalty, and for making Porsi (Intermarché’s home brand) a part of their family. That’s how UNGA received the challenge to surprise and delight Portuguese parents and kids with a unique loyalty promotion.

By embedding playful and educational elements in a collectible campaign, shoppers could learn all about the supermarket universe while having fun. However, this time, our Bricks also came with a brand-new upgrade. Wonder what is it? Discover Intermarché Bricks now!


Collect, Play & Build: 40 unique pieces of fun

From November 11th, 2021 to January 31st, 2022, families and kids had endless fun while shopping at Intermarché stores across Portugal.

For every EUR 20 spent on grocery items, shoppers were rewarded with a free surprise pack containing a set of bricks. There were 40 different bricks to be collected and up to 6 unique bricks set in each pack for families to be surprised with. 

By building their own store at home, including hyper-realistic shopping aisles, freezers, fridges, and checkout registers, families enjoyed an immersive Intermarché Bricks experience. Did we mention customization? The whole store could be personalized just as the real Intermarché store, with the help of customized stickers and banners from their favorite brand.

We turned kids into little brick builders, and they helped us to build thousands of new Intermarché stores, all from the comfort of their living rooms.

To make the grocery shopping experience even more real, kids could also get their hands on additional bricks items. With the help of delivery and a large truck, the brick employees managed to have all the grocery items and other products arrive and depart from the store. Besides that, there is an electric car and a customer figurine set, to pretend-play in the mini bricks store. And it all becomes even more real thanks to the puzzle playmat that extends the Intermarché supermarket with a green parking lot and external area.


The Bricks adventure: now on your phone!

As families embarked on their brick-building journey, they encountered some spice and novelty to take their adventure beyond physical play. Introducing: our first-ever Bricks App!

Using AR technology, we turned phones into virtual Intermarché Bricks supermarkets: a perfect hybrid way for families to extend their play from physical bricks to their phone screens. Equipped with fun minigames and challenges, we blurred the boundary between real life and the virtual world to help them play to grow. This way, little ones could carry their virtual supermarket experience anywhere they go.

After collecting their first bricks sets, kids could already immerse themselves in their brand-new digital supermarket. With the ‘Intermarché Bricks App’, kids were able to take their creativity and discipline to the test by making their own store manager avatar and running their own Bricks Supermarket. But they did not have to do it alone: the little ones could also share their amazing progress with friends and family members while training to be the most successful store managers of all!

A Minha Loja Intermarché app

With their phone camera, players could scan different bricks sets from the campaign and unlock endless fun with new mini-games, learning the responsibilities of a great store manager through playful challenges such as:

  •   Hire employees to help out with the tasks
  •   Take care of the stock & orders
  •   Unload the trucks & restock the shelves
  •   Keep the store clean and organized
  •   Help customers find their favorite Porsi products
  •   Scan products at checkout
  •   Reach the daily goals and keep customers happy

A step into phygital loyalty programs

As shared by Joris Janbroers, UNGA UX Lead, the application is an important step into the phygital development of loyalty programs around the world. 

“With our new app, UNGA created a powerful extension to our famous Bricks campaign. Connecting our physical Bricks to a virtual app allows kids to enter a world full of character, endless fun, and learning possibilities. This makes for an immersive and engaging experience for kids and families to play, learn and have fun together”.


Learning while building a better future

As part of UNGA’s mission, we wanted to stimulate kids to learn and play using their imagination and creativity. That’s why UNGA has designed a dedicated app with unlimited possibilities for families and kids to have fun and learn all about Bricks universe.

Kids had the opportunity to work hard together with families and friends to reach their daily goals, keep their clients happy, and make their own Intermarché store the most successful one!

Parents didn’t have to worry about their kids on their phones: The Bricks App was developed with playful and educational purposes, so kids could actually play to grow. For instance, with engaging AR stories, the bricks figurines taught kids all about different topics in a fun way.

How do solar panels work? What exactly is a self-checkout? How is milk made? These are only a few of the learnings that kids faced while playing with the ‘A Minha Loja Intermarché’ App. 


Building a community of Bricks builders in Portugal

The A Minha Loja Intermarché Bricks campaign was absolutely loved by parents and kids all over Portugal. Not only the bricks items were praised for their playability and educational value, but parents also loved to see how much their kids developed and grew just by playing and having fun. 


What did families think about bringing their own Intermarché Bricks store home?


“We have the entire ‘A Minha Loja Intermarché’ at home! They love it and my heart melts to see them playing together!


“I feel represented as an employee. I think this collection is worth making” 


“Christmas came early here at home. A Minha Loja Intermarché is delighting Lourenço who has already chosen his role… I think he was in charge of unloading the goods. But with this store, they can be whatever they want inside the store @intermarchept. Play is part of children’s nature and it is the simplest way for them to understand the world and themselves”


“@intermarchept your promotion is my children’s delight! I don’t think there should be any bigger fans of your stores as of today!”


Ready to explore UNGA’s bricks concepts? Let’s play together!

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