For Intermarché Portugal, UNGA developed a bricks collectible campaign, encouraging kids to build their own little farm. Through a playful approach, they gained knowledge about the origin of groceries and the role of local producers.

In a Bricks Farm,
there is always space for one more animal.

A complete farm in the hands of kids

Kids learn a lot by playing and experimenting with their hands, just like farmers and local producers use their hands to produce food for everyone. This is what motivated Intermarché to collaborate with UNGA and reward its Portuguese customers with a farm-themed bricks collectible promotion.

This Bricks Farm campaign—known as “A Minha Quinta Origens” in Portugal—was inspired by Intermarché’s Origens Program whose mission is to support national production and make local goodies available to the entire country.

This collectible promotion was a perfect way to highlight the supermarket’s fresh products and its proximity with local producers. Rather than simply honoring the development of the local community and Intermarché’s national partnerships, it was all about celebrating them with customers.

With Bricks Farm, Intermarché gave kids and their parents the opportunity to come together, play, and learn about the origins of the food they buy at the supermarket. It was also an immersive experience to learn about a variety of vegetables and fruits and how all these ingredients reach supermarket shelves from farms.


Everything kids need to become bricks farmers

For every €20 spent on groceries using their loyalty card between January and April 2019, Intermarché’s customers received a flow pack enclosing a bricks collectible for free. In total, there were 36 different toys to collect, including:

• various vegetables, fruits, and flowers,
• different animals such as cows, hens, and pigs and
• farming tools and other products.

To increase children’s interest in the farm-themed campaign, special merchandise was made available for in-store purchase. The additional farming accessories included:

• a farm base and a greenhouse,
• a milk truck, a regular truck, and a tractor,
• a barn and a rust with horses,
• a dog house along with a dog.

All these items truly helped create a completely immersive experience in the farm world.

Turning a supermarket into a farm

During the “A Minha Quinta Origens” campaign, Intermarché offered customers an amazing shopping experience with a strong in-store activation. With a highly visible and informational display in the aisles of the supermarket, Intermarché managed to evoke everyone’s curiosity, especially that of kids and families.

In fact, a complete miniature farm made of all the bricks collectibles and merchandise was exhibited in stores. It gave customers a great sneak peek at what their collection would ultimately look like and inspired them to collect all the bricks toys. Additionally, in-store activities got families excited as kids were invited to play an online farming game for extra prizes.

Raising awareness and building excitement helped kick off the promotion. The Bricks Farm campaign was an efficient marketing initiative to attract new customers to the supermarket, which ultimately brought Intermarché closer to kids and families.

Creating a community for enthusiastic farmers

The enthusiasm around the campaign also spread over social media. Customers’ excitement about their Bricks Farm was indicated in pretty pictures and proud posts once they completed their collection.

Even though the campaign was mostly designed for children and families, many adults were involved in collecting and channeling their inner child. Therefore, “A Minha Quinta Origens” created a social environment for people to share their common interests.

In fact, an online farmers community was created on Facebook. Families interacted with each other in discussion groups and shared their pictures of the collectibles and playful moments. They also used social media to swap duplicates and complete their collection.


Bricks as a door-opener for families to play together

It is no doubt that bricks toys are widely popular among children, but they are also popular among adults. More than 1.4 billion people have grown up playing with blocks or bricks at some point in their childhood. UNGA’s campaign simply revived their nostalgia and appealed to them.

“A Minha Quinta Origens” brought families together and created an opportunity for parents and children to play together while learning about animals and agriculture. By putting the pieces together, families got to spend quality time exploring the countless opportunities for connecting the collectibles and stimulating many important skills for children.


Ready to explore UNGA’s bricks concepts? Let’s play together!

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Intermarché is the first historical store brand of the group called The Mousquetaires (“The Musketeers”), acting for over 40 years throughout Europe. In Portugal, for over 25 years, Intermarché has been relying on agro-food to maintain better control of the chain, from field to table, by offering healthy products that are available to all.

Their commitment, together with their Origens Program, is to support national production through very close partnerships, in a program that involves producers from all over the country, guaranteeing the highest quality and freshness of products, always at the best prices.

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