Appreciating healthy food and having fun cooking is not common at a young age. But thanks to Kruiden Sjeffies, the Little Chefs from all over the world who landed at PLUS, kids in the Netherlands were inspired to break this norm.


We created fun and cheerful Little Chefs characters that, when all collected, made the Kruiden Sjeffies experience fun for families.

Herbs came out of…
the Little Chefs' heads.

20 Little Chefs from various countries for kids to collect

Fun, education and a healthy diet. These were some of the ingredients we used to create the perfect concept for PLUS to engage families of shoppers and promote healthy eating. In other words, we designed each Sjeffie (Little Chef) to represent chefs from all over the world. And that’s not all! Their funny features and character names, which matched herbs, stimulated the collectability of our eco-friendly seedling kits.

Parents and kids wanted them all! The PLUS Little Chefs loyalty campaign — called Kruiden Sjeffies in Dutch — was so strong and appealing that it actually raised high public awareness and interest. With every EUR 15 spent, shoppers would receive one Sjeffie (Little Chef) for free. Additionally, a collector’s case was available for them to keep all their Little Chefs together and watch their herbs grow.

Furthermore, a fun animated TVC was created to further engage the customers. As a result, PLUS came up with a webpage introducing the Little Chefs to shoppers and answering all of their questions on how to grow their little herbs. The campaign thereby participated in stimulating cooking and healthy eating by providing recipe ideas that featured all the different herbs.

Families spread their enthusiasm online and highly appreciated the value of the campaign

Basil or parsley? Dill or radish? Better have them all! Excited shoppers overall showed their enthusiasm through their social media accounts. In fact, they were very happy to see how fast their herbs grew, how the campaign brought the whole family together and had them motivated to cook tasty and healthy meals.

Moreover, parents were pleased with the educational aspect of the campaign. Mothers, fathers and guardians indeed often struggle to feed their children in a healthy way. In addition, it appears that kids appreciate their food more when they are involved in their preparation. So, with the help of cheerful characters, parents were able to encourage their little ones to consume a wider range of healthy food in a simple and entertaining way.

PLUS connected with families and kids by promoting their mission to provide good food

With this short-term loyalty campaign, PLUS managed to bring edutainment to Dutch homes and increase children’s food choices. Likewise, let’s highlight that PLUS’ tagline is ‘Goed eten. Daar houden we van.’, which means ‘Good food. We like that.’ PLUS Little Chefs, or Kruiden Sjeffies, was thus a great opportunity for the supermarket to raise awareness about their core values, which customers indeed aligned on.

Little Chefs got nominated for the Loyalty Magazine Awards 2020

The Loyalty Magazine Awards gather the leaders of the loyalty business from across the globe to celebrate creativity and reward the best programs each year. Our PLUS Little Chefs campaign has been nominated in the Best Short-Term Loyalty Initiatives in 2020.

Loyalty Magazine Awards

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Kruiden Sjeffies
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Little Chefs collectables

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"Children often enjoy a meal that they have cooked themselves. We wanted to boost that with the Kruiden Sjeffies (Little Chefs)."

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