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How could we go one better than our ridiculously popular Little Shop campaigns? Meet Little Kitchen.


We downsized iconic products such as Nescafé Cappuccino.

38 mini products and
5 bonus mini products to collect

We turned everyday kitchen items into miniatures… and then added some magic!

We made them magnetic, scratch and sniff or glow-in-the-dark. One could even be played like a flute! And if that wasn’t enough, children could rub the minis to make them change color – or dip them in water to reveal hidden images. To further boost playability, each mini was accompanied by a yummy recipe, fun experiment or cool craft idea. While merchandise – including a baking set, an egg timer and measuring spoons – stimulated children to want to help their parents at home. As they whipped up delicious creations, our campaign whipped up a storm. Social media was abuzz with everyone trading their minis (including the adults!). Once again, our in-house magicians conjured up the right ingredients for success.


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With our award-winning Loyalty Campaigns and our Partner Products, we bring retailers and families closer together. In the highly competitive retail industry, shoppers’ loyalty is precious. We then give our clients a chance to engage with their audience in a meaningful manner.

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