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How can we do better than our ridiculously popular Little Shop campaigns? Meet Little Kitchen: magical versions of essentials you can find in your kitchen, with special features.


We downsized a variety of products to squeeze out the fun!

38 mini products and
5 bonus minis to collect

We turned everyday kitchen items into miniatures… and then added some magic!

New World’s most iconic products—just a bit smaller

Little Kitchen, a campaign from our world-famous ‘little’ series, came into New World supermarkets in the summer of 2015. New World’s most popular products did not just sit on shelves, but were also available as miniature collectibles. Moreover, they came with a touch of magic. All of them had one of the 8 special effects, ranging from scratch-and-sniff to glow-in-the-dark. One could even be played like a flute! And if this was not enough, children could rub the minis to make them change color or dip them in water to reveal hidden images.
These magical features encouraged kids to engage in the experiments, crafts, and recipes these minis came with.

New World gave kids the chance to pretend play with Little Kitchen

The Little Kitchen collectibles were designed with immense love for detail. This way, they were highly recognizable. Kids loved to collect, swap, as well as play with the mini versions of their favorite products. On top of that, these allowed them to roleplay and mimic an adult. Acting out scenarios, in fact, helped kids make sense of situations they come across in real life. In this way, the Little Kitchen campaign was both entertaining and, at the same time, taught little ones about food and sparked their creativity and imagination. To further boost playability, each mini product was indeed accompanied by a yummy recipe, fun experiment, or cool craft idea.

With this mix, Little Kitchen had kids excited about ingredients and cooking. New World’s campaign aimed to inspire some food science while uniting the whole family to have fun in the kitchen. Soon, the adult world got addicted as well! Little Kitchen cooked up a storm of engagement online. Whether shoppers wanted to swap minis or share their experience with recipes and experiments, New World’s shoppers fully embraced Little Kitchen on social media.

The recipe for the success of Little Kitchen

Take one New World NZ supermarket chain. Throw in one out of the 38 Little Kitchen collectibles with every NZD 40 spent at the register. Repeat the process for 6 weeks.

To spice it up, add several merchandise items ranging from a baking set to a collector’s case that can contain all Little Kitchen minis and recipes. Garnish with 5 limited bonus minis to collect and you get the perfect recipe for a successful loyalty campaign!

Lastly, this campaign aimed for increased footfall and in-store traffic but also gave a visibility boost to some of the most famous brands and products available at New World—Pringles, Uncle Ben’s, Kellogg’s, and many more. Together, they encouraged kids to collect and learn. Little Kitchen was a true winner for everyone, from consumers to suppliers!


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