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When our first Little Shop campaign became the most successful promotion ever in Albert Heijn’s history, we knew we had a winning concept. Discover the early beginning of Little Shop, the loyalty campaign designed by UNGA, now rolled out over 30 times with retailers in more than 20 countries.

A selection of iconic mini products
for kids to start their own Little Shop

The most successful promotion ever at Albert Heijn’s

For Albert Heijn’s 125th anniversary in 2012, UNGA came up with the idea of creating incredibly detailed miniatures of popular branded products, leading to the world’s first Little Shop campaign. All of Albert-Heijn’s most iconic and popular products were featured in the lineup: Nutella, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Mars Bar, Coca-Cola—you name it!

While shopping at Albert Heijn, customers were rewarded with the most innovative Little Shop collectibles for every €15 spent. A total of 51 miniatures were available in this campaign to make it more fun for children and adults to hunt for their favorite miniature products in-store and collect them all.

With an additional pop-up cardboard Dutch store modeled around Albert Heijn’s very first shop, the little ones could also act like Little Shopkeepers and learn a lot about supermarkets. What a delightful way to celebrate Albert Heijn’s legacy together with kids, families, and even suppliers!


“Minis” with huge successes

Remarkably, the award-winning loyalty campaign captured the imagination of both children and adults. And in just 5 weeks, 50 million miniatures made their way across the Netherlands, a country with a population of just under 17 million people.

In fact, this loyalty campaign was so successful that since 2012, UNGA has been creating similar tailor-made campaigns for many other retailers around the world, generating hype around it and setting up new standards for loyalty campaigns and mini collectibles.

Whenever a Little Shop campaign is now rolled out, it creates a huge buzz on both social and traditional media: Little Shop Swap Days, YouTube unboxing videos, Facebook discussion groups, and major engagement through cute posts from proud “Little Shoppers” on social media.

A campaign for everyone: Shoppers, retailers, and FMCG brands

To give customers mini versions of their favorite brands, suppliers agreed to chip in with Albert Heijn. By doing so, Albert Heijn not only made their customers happy and engaged in collecting but also increased their affinity with top supermarket brands. This resulted in a very affordable campaign and huge exposure for both the retailer and suppliers.

While playing with Little Shop products, families developed an even bigger emotional connection with their favorite supermarket brands. Consequently, imagine how excited they were when their favorite campaign came back in store the next year: “Yes, it is that time of the year again!”

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