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Construction toys are the #1 category of toys and games in the world. Bricks are widely popular among children, but they also appeal to adults. More than 1.4 billion people have indeed grown up playing with building blocks or bricks at some point in their childhood, so they tend to revive a strong nostalgic feeling among adults.

To win shoppers’ hearts and leverage this phenomenon, UNGA developed a loyalty campaign: a bricks supermarket that families can build, piece by piece. The campaign encourages families to spend quality time exploring the countless opportunities of connecting the collectible parts while stimulating many important skills for children.

Discover one of our successful Bricks campaigns rolled out with the leading grocery retailer in Australia, and how it drove a new collectable craze down under.


Woolworths Bricks
The first Bricks campaign in the world made of recycled material


In 2021, Woolworths invited kids and families to embark on a playful brick journey with the Woolworths Bricks loyalty campaign. Shoppers could get their hands on 40 unique Bricks packs, each containing up to 6 different parts. The bricks in the line-up were made of at least 80% recycled materials – such as old fridges, swimming goggles, and luggage handles – making them an innovative creation by UNGA in collaboration with Woolworths.

In addition, all of the bricks went through the strictest safety tests to receive a Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certification. The certificate ensured that the brick collectibles have been independently assessed to meet environmental, human health, and social impact requirements.


With the Woolworths Bricks campaign, families and kids enjoyed every little step: unwrapping their blind packs and discovering which parts they got their hands on, collecting each little brick and putting them together to build the entire Woolworths Bricks supermarket, to the grand finale: hours of play and fun.

The Bricks supermarket includes many bricks focused on the sustainability theme. From solar panels and recycling bins to the electric trucks and charging stations, the whole concept showes kids what the supermarket of the future looks like. With this campaign, the Australian retailer promoted sustainable initiatives and showed kids how we can build a better tomorrow.

Woolworths Bricks created an instant buzz in the Australian community. The campaign even gained international recognition when receiving two nominations for one of the biggest loyalty awards in the world – the International Loyalty Awards 2022. Woolworths Bricks has been highlighted in two different categories:

🏆  Best Eco-Loyalty Initiative
🏆  Best Loyalty Programme Marketing Campaign


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