How to Score with Football-Themed Loyalty Programs

After a long wait, sports lovers all over the world finally got to enjoy global football events again with the European Championship and the Copa América.

Soon, nearly half of the world’s population will stop to watch, celebrate, and live football together during the biggest football event: the World Cup. The excitement will be at its zenith for the kick-off in November 2022, bringing you a unique opportunity to drive a craze around your brand as well.

Now, are you ready to score during the World Cup next year?


Read our tips below to discover how you can win loads with a football-themed loyalty program.


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1. Define your game strategy

A good coach looks for good strategies to make their team score. An even better coach understands how to boost the proven strategies to the next level and get hold of the prize.

Combine and personalize the powerful mechanics of loyalty programs with big football events, concepts, and rewards that your supporters will love to collect. Take advantage of the 2022 Football World Cup, an event with massive viewership, to create an engaging campaign and connect with your customers over their passion for this sport.

What can football-themed loyalty programs offer you?

  • Playful mechanics to engage your customers in your campaign
  • A boost in your traffic and sales
  • An opportunity to reward your customers with football-themed items and nourish customer loyalty
  • Amplified excitement and engagement around a sport that will drive a buzz
  • A chance to connect your brand to the most beloved sport ever


2. Put your best players on the field

The right mechanics and rewards will be the best players of your loyalty program. So, what do you need to consider when designing your campaign?

  • Football is loved by all ages, so your rewards also need to meet all family members’ expectations. Offer a reward that can make your audience come together and celebrate as one.
  • Give your customers not only a reward, but a family moment that they can enjoy together. It can be as kids collecting and exchanging stickers or exploring football family moments with different generations.


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3. Invite your supporters to your stadium

Football supporters love to be at the stadium because it allows them to feel the great energy and excitement of the match. Bring the same exciting atmosphere to your supermarket!

  • Celebrate football with a strong in-store activation, including POS and display, and decorate your stores with the football-themed assets from your loyalty program. Support your team with your customers!
  • In addition, reach an even higher audience by exploring online activation opportunities. Promote your campaign on your website, share about your campaign on traditional and social media. Create a buzz around your loyalty program and let your customers know that your campaign is here to score!


4. Inspire your audience and offer a unique experience through licensing and merchandise

  • Be open to licensing opportunities to boost your campaign’s interest with famous football players or selections. Associating inspiring football idols to your campaign is an effective way to increase and endorse your brand’s values. They will carry your message effectively during the loyalty program, with a special focus on healthy eating and lifestyle for families with kids.
  • Link these idols to your football-themed loyalty program’s unique merchandise. This will enable your audience to get ready for kick-off and increase the ROI of your campaign. Think about merchandise that can be used to celebrate and cheer during the football event. Offer your customers something that connects them with other football fans and create a big community around your campaign.
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Get ready for the big kick-off in 2022. Start planning your football-themed loyalty campaign now!


At UNGA, our concept portfolio combines the most popular categories of toys and games with appealing IPs and licenses. With this, we ensure that you will find a concept that suits your brand and your values, and that could even be customized to an important event such as the World Cup.

Our goal is always to co-create the best loyalty program that will boost customer engagement in-store.


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