Leveraging the power of football and healthy eating in an award-winning campaign


By bringing together the Power of Play and the love for football, we created an exciting journey for kids and families to become champions through a healthy lifestyle. It all starts by teaching them how to Eat Like a Champ! 

Football has the power to influence and with a little help from some iconic heroes, we can teach valuable lessons to millions of fans all over the world. That’s how our football-themed sticker campaign can inspire generations and bring them together. The Eat Like a Champ sticker campaign goes beyond free flow packs:

  • Inspires and celebrates football, the most popular sport in the world
  • Teaches kids how to eat well to play well
  • Connects and brings families and generations closer
  • Brings nations together for one common goal: to prepare the next generations of champions

Are you ready to get inspired? Check out how we created history in France with our Eat Like a Champ campaign at Carrefour.

Press play and get ready, the match is about to start! ⚽

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A successful story: Mange Comme Un Champion at Carrefour France

We already knew that Eat Like A Champ campaign would be a success with kids and families. But it was in May 2020, when we launched the campaign at Carrefour France, that we could finally see kids and families becoming champions through a healthy lifestyle thanks to our collectible campaign.

For the first time in a loyalty program, we brought football players from different clubs and national teams together in one powerful campaign. But that was not all! The football players also invited families to participate in this campaign via their own social media channels.

Carrefour’s Mange Un Champion was not only loved by the retailer, families, and football lovers. The hype was so huge that the campaign won the International Design Award in the Toy Design – Toy for Teens category. Carrefour Mange Comme Un Champion was also nominated to the International Loyalty Awards 2022, as Best Eco-loyalty Initiative.


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