Little Garden: Spreading the loyalty seeds all over the world!

Have you ever wondered why supermarkets’ collectible promotions featuring seedling kits are so successful? These campaigns are not only environmentally friendly and loved by all ages but also connect customers and grocery retailers, helping them build long-lasting relationships. Such campaigns allow retailers to grasp the opportunity to reward their shoppers with products perceived as both fun and useful. They give their customers everything they need to start their own little garden, either by themselves or with their loved ones.

More than standard customer rewards, seedling kits initiate family moments. Get ready to discover how UNGA has been helping grocery retailers all over the world to connect with their shoppers through our award-winning Little Garden campaign!


Checkers Little Garden 2

After running the Little Garden loyalty campaign in 2018, Checkers decided to give kids and adults in South Africa a new opportunity to garden together. In August 2020, Checkers Little Garden 2 surprised and delighted all generations with a great range of 24 seedlings to grow at home, with novelties that UNGA so proudly contributed to.

For every R200 spent at Checkers and Checkers Hyper, shoppers received a seedling kit that contains seed tape, a compostable pot, a soil pod, and a pop-out name tag. Curious about this campaign? Check the video below!

New World Little Garden

Since 2013, New World has been collaborating with UNGA to delight New Zealand families with fun and educational loyalty campaigns. In September 2020, Little Garden landed at New World for the third time and wrote a new page in New World and UNGA’s story. Just like its predecessors, the New World Little Garden campaign did an amazing job at bringing kids and adults together in their gardens.

And with families spending a lot of time at home that year, they welcomed the seedling kit promotion with wide-open arms. Parents couldn’t hide their enthusiasm on social media: “Best supermarket promo EVER,” posted Korene on Facebook. “Please do Little Garden each year,” added Helen.


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