Promoting healthy lifestyle with the power of athletes

Carrefour's Mange Comme Un Champion | UNGA 4

Carrefour encouraged families to eat well with Eat Like A Champ

To support Carrefour France in its mission to help families eat better, UNGA teamed up with 35 European football players, including numerous stars who play in the Premier League such as Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva, Kevin de Bruyne, Kyle Walker, Alexander Arnold, Varane, Lloris, and Lindelof.

The campaign featured:

  • Exclusive sticker booklets for each of the 35 players: one portrait sticker of a player, one action sticker of that same player, and one sticker of his favorite healthy recipe
  • A beautifully illustrated 43-page album filled with mini-games, playful and educational content related to nutrition, football, and a healthy lifestyle guide

The campaign provided educational values and inspired families to eat healthy while having fun and celebrating football, and the players drove massive engagement on social media!

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