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Who as a kid has never imitated their parents grocery shopping or pretended to play as a grocery store cashier? We know kids love to do that, and we also know that they are fascinated by collectibles. Our creative team put it all together and came up with a special recipe for a successful concept: customers collecting miniatures of their favorite supermarket products. Boom! That’s how our famous Little Shop concept gained life.

Although the specific mini collectibles differ per country and retailer, one thing remains the same: Wherever we run this campaign, Little Shop drives a craze that reaches families and kids, but also adults and collectors! Why? Mostly because the minis enable them to both play and learn.

Check out two award-winning Little Shop campaigns to understand the success behind this creative concept.


M&S Little Shop 2: Learn, reuse & play



Marks & Spencer | Little Shop 2
UK, 2020

After a successful first Little Shop campaign in 2019, Marks & Spencer brought the campaign back in 2020 for a second and improved edition. M&S Little Shop 2 featured a line-up of 25 miniature replicas of M&S’s staple products to collect (for instance Percy Pig Fruity Chews and Pink Lady apples), in addition to a rare golden collectible, Colin the Caterpillar.

The minis, made from FSC paper and cardboard or recycled plastic, invited kids to play as little shopkeepers and develop their imagination. Along with the mini products, the line-up of collector’s cards revealed fun facts about M&S Food and interesting stories about sustaining energy and saving money. Through play, Little Shop 2 encouraged families to learn, reuse, and recycle. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Marks & Spencer Little Shop 2 campaign was a great example of engaging shoppers in a playful, sustainable and unforgettable experience!

🏆  Not only families but also international design experts also fell under the spell of our Little Shop campaign. In fact, M&S Little Shop 2 was awarded by the International Design Awards 2021 with a Gold trophy, a great recognition. In addition, the campaign also won an Honorable mention in the Toy Design (Toy for Children) category.


Mi Mini Lidl: A sustainable supermarket experience at home


Lidl Mi mini

Lidl | Mi Mini Lidl Sostenible
Spain, 2021

Mi Mini Lidl is a unique campaign that received attention and love from Spanish families in 2021. During this instant reward campaign, shoppers collected 25 unique miniatures, made out of at least 99% recycled materials and FSC-certified paper. Cute mini versions of apples, bread, cheese, shampoo, and exclusive Lidl shoes are just a few of the many miniature collectible items in the line-up.

The campaign also featured a Mini Tienda collector’s case designed by UNGA. But this was no ordinary collector’s case! The case was shaped as an easy-to-carry briefcase on the outside and a beautiful mini Lidl supermarket, detailed with supermarket aisles, cashier desk, store entrance, parking lot, and even solar panels on the “inside”.

With this campaign, Lidl extended its commitment to the environment by offering minis made of 99% recycled materials and FSC paper and certified by the Green Leaf Foundation ensuring that the production was made in an environmentally conscious way.

🏆  Mi Mini Lidl’s campaign was nominated for the Best Eco-Loyalty Initiative in the International Loyalty Awards 2022, a great achievement and recognition of sustainable innovation in the loyalty industry.


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