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20.01.2023 | news

A Year With UNGA 2022 Report

2022 was an eventful year for UNGA. Despite the ups and downs, we stood strong and grew with time. We continued to bring new and innovative ideas to the market whilst previous loyalty campaigns returned for great comebacks. Take a look at our 2022 in review!

12.01.2023 | news

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11.01.2023 | news

Behind the Scenes: Discover UNGA

Ever wondered what a day at UNGA looks like? At UNGA, we pride ourselves in thinking creatively and growing whilst maintaining a playful and enjoyable work environment. Press play and get ready to take a sneak peek at what one day in our Amsterdam office looks like! ▶️

28.12.2022 | news

2023 Retail Marketing Calendar: Key Dates That You Don’t Want to Miss

2023 is just around the corner and it's time to get your strategy & calendar ready. Planning and organizing for holiday seasons, events, celebrations, and special activities can be quite a hassle. From budgeting and stocking to scheduling and promoting. It can be quite overwhelming. And that’s why UNGA’s created the 2023 Retail Marketing Calendar for you!

20.12.2022 | news, research

5 Reasons To Run a Christmas Loyalty Campaign

The holiday season is just around the corner, and soon it won’t take long until the Christmas songs and decorated houses full of Christmas lights are everywhere. Families will get ready to spend a cozy season with friends and loved ones, celebrating this special moment together. But before any official celebration even starts, retailers and brands must work hard to make sure they will connect with their shoppers during this special moment. 

19.12.2022 | research

Why Run Loyalty Campaigns During Major Sporting Events?

Sporting events are a huge opportunity to connect with existing and potential clients. This is exactly why so many brands create themed campaigns related to sports.You might be thinking “Why would I do a campaign if so many other brands are already doing it?”. Well, we will tell you all about that!


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