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22.11.2022 | news, research

2023 Retail Marketing Calendar: Key Dates That You Don’t Want to Miss

2023 is just around the corner and it's time to get your strategy & calendar ready. Planning and organizing for holiday seasons, events, celebrations, and special activities can be quite a hassle. From budgeting and stocking to scheduling and promoting. It can be quite overwhelming. And that’s why UNGA’s created the 2023 Retail Marketing Calendar for you!

22.11.2022 | research

4 Tips to Create a Successful Sports Loyalty Campaign

So now you’ve seen how popular and effective both sports and themed loyalty campaigns can be. It’s clear that these events and competitions create several opportunities for grocery retailers around the world. But how do you create the best campaign for your own customers?

22.11.2022 | news, research

5 Reasons To Run a Christmas Loyalty Campaign

The holiday season is just around the corner, and soon it won’t take long until the Christmas songs and decorated houses full of Christmas lights are everywhere. Families will get ready to spend a cozy season with friends and loved ones, celebrating this special moment together. But before any official celebration even starts, retailers and brands must work hard to make sure they will connect with their shoppers during this special moment. 

16.11.2022 | research

Why Run Loyalty Campaigns During Major Sporting Events?

Sporting events are a huge opportunity to connect with existing and potential clients. This is exactly why so many brands create themed campaigns related to sports.You might be thinking “Why would I do a campaign if so many other brands are already doing it?”. Well, we will tell you all about that!

05.09.2022 | research

Gamification in Loyalty Programs: Empowering Customer Experience

Gamification in Loyalty Programs: with a proper understanding of game mechanics and consumer loyalty, gamified loyalty programs can be the new most valuable player in your marketing strategy. Before we show you how to use it, let’s get a close-up look at how gaming and retail loyalty comes together.

15.08.2022 | innovation

The Mini-Magic: How Sustainable Miniatures Came To Life At Checkers

Our all-time favorite collectible campaign is back at Checkers for a third edition! What’s new? Little Shop 3 is now 100% green and sustainable! Using nothing but plastics and FSC-certified paper, family-favorite minis came to life with a sprinkle of UNGA magic. How exactly did we do it? Let’s uncover the secret!

03.08.2022 | research

Retail Loyalty Marketing: How to Use Collectibles to Nurture Loyalty

Supermarkets are always on the run for new, innovative loyalty solutions to win over new waves of consumers as well as establish long-term loyalty with their existing ones. What if we say that there’s a simple, yet effective solution that can turn a shopper's daily shopping chores into a playful, engaging experience without sacrificing simplicity and familiarity?

27.07.2022 | campaigns, innovation

Checkers Little Shop 3: The Revival of The Most Iconic Miniature Campaign in ZA

Checkers Little Shop 3: one more amazing program that nurtures the long-standing partnership with UNGA!. With the third edition of the miniature collectible campaign, Little Shop 3, the retailer is giving South African kids an opportunity to collect and play with their favorite minis. 

11.07.2022 | research

At What Age Do Children Develop Brand Recognition and Loyalty?

Children have been the primary target for brands and retailers all over the world when it comes to acquiring their loyalty. However, one important question is yet to be answered: “How do kids and brand loyalty grow together?”.

30.06.2022 | news

The Power of Kids and Families in Retail Loyalty

UNGA's CEO Hong Liem was at the 'Kids en Jongeren Marketing Congres', in Utrecht (Netherlands), talking about the power of play in retail loyalty. Lucky you, he also created a "Questions & Answers" article to share his insights about of kids- and family-focused loyalty programs. Ready to dive in?

25.05.2022 | research

What Do Customers Want From Supermarket Loyalty Programs?

Supermarket loyalty programs are a great way to connect with customers and give a little back to your most loyal shoppers. What if we tell you that consumers are looking for things beyond just stamp cards and discounts in a loyalty program? Get ready to connect with them by learning what they really expect from your loyalty programs!

12.05.2022 | innovation, news

UNGA Wins the Green Product Award 2022 with the Famous Checkers Little Garden 2 Campaign

UNGA scored an amazing win in the Kids category at the Green Product Award 2022 with the Checkers Little Garden 2 campaign. This amazing award reflects our efforts to innovate and contribute to a more sustainable world, reinforcing our motto Play, Grow and Sustain. 

02.05.2022 | research

To Infinity and Beyond: The Long-Term Benefits of Loyalty Campaigns 

Loyalty campaigns are a great way to engage shoppers with your brand and keep them excited. They help retailers increase brand awareness, boost return on investment, drive up in-store traffic and most importantly, make every trip to the grocery store a memorable shopping experience. But little did you know, the benefits from loyalty campaigns can go way beyond their short-term initiative.

19.04.2022 | research

The Importance of Adult Play: Why Adults Should Never Stop Playing

You already know all about the importance of play during childhood and adolescence. Now, get ready to explore the last stop of this insightful and playful journey: let's discover the importance of adult play.

21.03.2022 | research

The Power of Play: Why is Play So Important For Children and Teens?

Play, defined simply as joyful recreational activities, goes beyond pure fun and entertainment. It’s considered to be one of the essential building blocks of children’s cognitive, socio-emotional, physical development. Have you ever wondered what play looks like across different stages of life?

11.03.2022 | news

UNGA Nominated 9 Times for the International Loyalty Awards 2022

Have you heard the most exciting news from the loyalty world? The finalists of the International Loyalty Awards were announced and… UNGA received 9 nominations. Not only one, two, or three, but 7 of our UNGA campaigns are finalists in 5 different categories of the International Loyalty Awards 2022!

24.02.2022 | research

Generation Alpha: Children Today, Shoppers Tomorrow

Glass Gen, iGen, Screenagers, Generation Alpha. This generation has come under many names, but one thing stays the same: they are the first generation to be born into a fully digitalized era. Are you ready to travel into the world of Generation Alpha?

02.02.2022 | news

A Year with UNGA: 2021 Report

2021 has been a rollercoaster of a year, yet with the support of our UNGA team, partners and suppliers, we rocked it! Read everything about this record year in our A Year With UNGA 2021 Report.

17.01.2022 | news

Boosting Customer Satisfaction with Loyalty Programs

If you're not running a loyalty campaign for your customers, it might be time to launch one. Loyalty campaigns are a great way to connect with customers and give a little back to your most loyal customers. Let's take a little look at how loyalty campaigns can be used to boost customer satisfaction and make sure your best customers keep coming back.

11.01.2022 | news

UNGA Wins Four Prizes in the International Design Awards 2021

We're thrilled to announce that four of our loyalty campaigns have won prizes at the International Design Awards 2021. In addition to these amazing awards, UNGA also received 7 honorable mentions in different categories! Discover all about it.


2021 Wrapped: Our Top Supermarket Loyalty Campaigns

As 2021 is coming to an end, let's highlight several supermarket campaigns that have brought joy to families across the world this year. Together with our valued retailers, we brought happiness to families and helped them play to grow.

16.12.2021 | campaigns

Turning Kids into Virtual Store Managers with A Minha Loja Intermarché App

Discover how the A Minha Loja Intermarché App combines real life and the virtual world in an engaging way, with mini-games and challenges to have fun while learning how to run a supermarket.

23.11.2021 | news

Ring in the New Year with our 2022 Retail Marketing Calendar

As a retail marketer, creating a marketing agenda is a vital part of yearly planning. To plan a successful year for your business and customers, knowing key dates and events taking place is necessary to reach your established marketing goals. 

11.11.2021 | campaigns

A Minha Loja Intermarché: Our Famous Bricks Campaign Back in Portugal

Meet A Minha Loja Intermarché: After the success of the Intermarché Bricks Farm campaign (known as A Minha Quinta Origens, in Portuguese) in 2019, UNGA is arriving once more to the Portuguese lands bringing a new playful challenge for kids and families. With the new bricks campaign, A Minha Loja Intermarché, families can build their own supermarket bricks store at home. Discover all about it!

11.11.2021 | campaigns, innovation

Countdown Bricks: The New Recycled Bricks Drop in New Zealand

Kiwi kids are excited about the new recycled bricks dropping in Countdown supermarkets in New Zealand. So what exactly is in this collectible program besides fun? Learn all about it now!

03.11.2021 | campaigns

Creating Magic Together with Magnit and the Soyuzmultfilm Friends During the Holidays

Magnit and UNGA have partnered up once more to bring fun and joy to families in Russia. This time, families can create magic together with the Soyuzmultfilm characters during the Jolly Holidays. Plush toys, Christmas balls & figurines, special tales book and much more. Discover all about Magnit's new campaign: Creating Magnit Together!

18.10.2021 | campaigns

Komandor DC Super Friends Heroes are on a Special Mission in Russia

For Komandors' loyalty program, UNGA partnered up with Warner Bros. Studios to give life to five cute and unique DC Super Friends plush toys. Russian kids and families can now collect and bring the cuddly Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman home. Discover more now!

11.10.2021 | research

Gen Z: A New Influential Generation of Shoppers

G-Z'ers are already seen as core influencers in today’s shopping habits, as they not only are customers themselves but also influence their parent’s shopping behavior. To retain and attract this new generation, retailers must know what drives them.

11.10.2021 | campaigns

Mi Mini Lidl Brings the Joy of Grocery Shopping Home

Starting September 23rd, families can visit Lidl stores all over Spain to collect miniature versions of their favorite products. Spanish families can bring their groceries, as well as the mini supermarket experience home. The collectible Mi Mini Lidl products open children and families up to play, discovery, and joy!

23.09.2021 | campaigns, news

Skrepishi 3: The Playful Elastic Bands to Collect at Magnit

Magnit has partnered up with Hotel Transylvania by Sony Pictures and UNGA to launch an exciting new campaign for kids and parents all over Russia. The Skrepishi 3 are waiting for them in stores all over the country!

20.09.2021 | campaigns, innovation, news

Building a Sustainable Future with Woolworths Bricks in Australia

Discover Woolworths Bricks, an exciting and sustainable collectible campaign for families in Australia co-created with UNGA.

24.08.2021 | research

How Football Brings Families Closer Together

Football is the world's most popular ball game - and there are many reasons why! Understanding football's potential to connect families across generations enables retailers to embrace the power of football in marketing campaigns and strategy.

18.08.2021 | research

How Nostalgia Marketing Can Boost Your Loyalty Campaign

Nostalgia marketing helps customers associate something they love with a new brand or campaign. As a result, businesses tend to supercharge their popularity or name recognition based on nostalgic feelings. Discover how you can use it to boost your loyalty program by generating powerful emotions, interest and engagement.

11.08.2021 | research

Best Practices to Activate Your Loyalty Program In-Store

Loyalty campaigns and customer journeys have an important thing in common: they are all about the customer experience. That's exactly why you should activate your campaign in-store. An in-store activation will boost the visibility of your campaign, while increasing consumer awareness, excitement and engagement. Learn all about it!

27.07.2021 | research

​​Understanding Millennial Shoppers: How to Win Over the Gen Y?

Millennials, Generation Y, Echo Boomers or Digital Natives. There are many ways of referring to this connected generation, but the key element to win over their trust and engage with them is learning and focusing on their interests and needs.

22.07.2021 | research

How Role Models in Sports Help Kids Stay Happy and Healthy

Whether you’re a Messi or a Ronaldo, or are all about Serena, LeBron or Nadal, everyone has their own sporting idol. And, nowadays, athletes are better role models than ever before. Discover how sporting heroes on loyalty programs help children and families live healthier, happier lives.

08.07.2021 | campaigns, news

Woolworths Aussie Heroes celebrates the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics

As the official fresh food partner of the Australian Olympic team, Woolworths is ready to celebrate and experience the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics with their customers and the most famous Aussie athletes! Discover all about our new campaign: Woolworths Aussie Heroes.

23.06.2021 | campaigns, news

Stimulating Kids’ Creative Skills with Space Jam: A New Legacy Holocards

For Salling Group’s Space Jam: A New Legacy loyalty campaign, we customized UNGA's Holocards concept to the world-famous license. Discover how these loyalty rewards are stimulating kids’ creative skills in Denmark.

21.06.2021 | campaigns, innovation, news

Our Plush Toys Made from Recycled Materials Hit the Shelves in Denmark

Discover UNGA's first line-up of plush toys made of recycled materials created for the Salling Group's Space Jam: A New Legacy loyalty campaign in Denmark: An important step in making loyalty rewards more sustainable.

14.06.2021 | campaigns, news

Salling Group Builds Up Families’ Excitement for “Space Jam: A New Legacy”

Discover our Space Jam: A New Legacy loyalty campaign, now running in Denmark. Families shopping at føtex, Bilka and BR Toys can collect the beautifully designed Holocards and plush toys.

26.05.2021 | news

What to Look For in a Loyalty Agency?

You're always on the hunt for the best tactics to increase brand awareness and nurture your relationship with shoppers, and you've decided to run a loyalty campaign. Now, how do you decide which loyalty agency to work with?

20.05.2021 | campaigns, news

Torna-te Um Campeão: Intermarché Teams Up With Football Players to Inspire Portuguese Families

Discover Torna-te Um Campeão (“Become a Champion” in Portuguese), Intermarché Portugal's new loyalty campaign that stimulates families to eat healthy with the help of 32 famous football players.

12.05.2021 | news

6 Ideas to Activate Your Loyalty Campaigns Online

How can grocery retailers activate their loyalty campaigns online? We share 6 ideas to boost their visibility and customer engagement through social media and more.

04.05.2021 | news

When Loyalty Rewards Turn Into Teaching Resources

Loyalty programs for families very often involve playful rewards such as toys and games to collect. However, these rewards possess the potential to become much more. Check out how loyalty rewards have been turned into educational materials in schools.

23.04.2021 | news

[Quiz] Which type of little reader is your child?

We know what a hassle it can be for parents to stimulate children’s reading habits at home. So, we asked our friends at Hey Reader to share their tips. And the first one is quite simple: Find out which type of little reader your child is!

15.04.2021 | research

4 Types of Grocery Shoppers You Can Delight With Loyalty Campaigns

Research points out that one common reason for failure of many supposedly good retail stores is their inability to understand differences among the types of grocery shoppers and how to handle them. There are many different ways for grocery retailers to delight shoppers. But did you know that loyalty campaigns can delight most shoppers' profiles?

06.04.2021 | research

The 3 Components of Emotional Loyalty

Consumers with strong emotional connections to a brand visit their stores 32% more often and spend 46% more money than those without emotional bonds. So, bear in mind that you need the 3 components of emotional loyalty to nurture customer loyalty: brand affinity, attachment, and trust. Read more.

22.03.2021 | research

Building Kids’ Skills With Building Block Toys

Billions of people have grown up playing with building block toys. Building blocks even led one of our loyalty campaigns to be nominated for the Loyalty Magazine Awards. Read more to know why this timeless concept is so beneficial for kids.

18.03.2021 | research

9 KPIs to Measure the Performance of a Loyalty Program

With the relevant KPIs, you can measure the performance of a loyalty program. These indicators help you understand what works the best in your marketing strategy, how it impacts your sales and brand, and what to optimize in your future campaigns.  Check out 9 KPIs that you should keep a track of.

03.03.2021 | research

Understanding Children’s Influence on Parents’ Purchase Decisions

Even though kids do not always expect to be involved in purchase decisions, 85% of parents find it important to ask for their opinion when it comes to purchases for the family. Let’s take a closer look at some consumer insights and explore how grocery retailers should consider speaking to families as a whole.

16.02.2021 | innovation, news

4 Reasons To Encourage Your Customers To Garden

Consumers want to make healthy and more sustainable living choices, and they expect brands to help them. Discover the reasons why, by giving them the keys and tools to garden, retailers can stimulate new habits among families.

11.02.2021 | campaigns, news

Discovery Garden Is Back at Woolworths, This Time It’s Even Better

Discovery Garden is back at Woolworths Australia, only this time with a huge twist: the seedling kits are now bee-attracting. This campaign is a fun way for families to start growing their own little gardens and understand the role that honey bees play in supporting Australia’s food supply through pollination.

02.02.2021 | research

3 Proven Loyalty Program Mechanisms That Work in Grocery Retail

Which types of loyalty campaigns will help you conquer your marketing goals? Let’s go through the characteristics of 3 proven loyalty program mechanisms: instant reward, redemption, and hybrid campaigns.

27.01.2021 | news

Play to Perform: How Games Help Work Better

Play is as beneficial for adults as it is for children. It can help in many situations at work. Discover how our team learned to connect and perform better through play with our partner Right To Play.

25.01.2021 | news

A Year With UNGA: 2020 Report

2020 has been challenging for all of us, but we are happy to share that during this last year, we created no less than half a billion smiles among grocery shopping families. And a lot happened behind the scenes! We tell you all about it in the "2020 - A year with UNGA" report.

20.01.2021 | campaigns, news

Monopoly Junior – Magnit Edition: Our Custom-Made Board Game

Discover Monopoly Junior - Magnit Edition, a board game designed with Hasbro as a customer reward for Magnit redemption campaign in Russia. In this special edition, Magnit's colourful supermarket stands were indeed designed in cardboard pieces, creating a 3D adventure on top of the board.

14.01.2021 | news

UNGA and Right To Play Renew Partnership for a Second Year

We are thrilled to announce the renewal of our partnership with Right To Play, stepping into 2021 with a new yearly contribution that supports Right To Play's programs as well as upcoming novelties to further spread the power of play together.


Why Are Board Games So Popular With Families?

Board games hold an important place in consumers' minds. In this article, we dive into the reasons behind the popularity of board games and why they make great customer rewards in retail loyalty campaigns.

28.12.2020 | news

Your 2021 Retail Marketing Calendar and Why You Need It

Your annual marketing plan is what brings you closer to fulfilling your objectives. You need to anticipate and strategize ahead to successfully implement your marketing activities. But from where can you start? Download your 2021 Retail Marketing Calendar now to identify the key retail dates of the year.

22.12.2020 | news

7 Supermarket Loyalty Campaigns You Don’t Want To Miss

It is that time of year again when we look back on the past months and celebrate. And what a year it has been! Are you ready to rewind 2020 with us? Take a look at our selection of supermarket loyalty campaigns that marked this year.

17.12.2020 | research

Retail: What is a supermarket loyalty campaign?

Supermarket loyalty campaign, short-term loyalty program, collectible promotion... In essence, these terms all refer to the same retail marketing concept. Wouter Aalberse, Commercial Director at UNGA, gives a definition of "supermarket loyalty campaign" and offers practical applications for retail marketers.

10.12.2020 | campaigns, news

“Have Fun with Hasbro Games”: A playful winter awaits Russian families at Magnit

The Russian retailer Magnit brings families joy this winter! Discover "Have Fun With Hasbro Games", UNGA's new redemption campaign designed in collaboration with Magnit and Hasbro that rewards customers with five of the most popular board games in the world.

08.12.2020 | campaigns, innovation, news

Checkers Little Garden 2 Promoting Community Empowerment in South Africa

Did you know that we produced Checkers Little Garden 2 locally and put together a team of more than 156 South Africans — mostly women? We tell you all about how the loyalty campaign contributed to community empowerment in South Africa!

25.11.2020 | research

Why You Need Loyalty Campaigns in Your Supermarket Marketing Strategy

Too many loyalty programs in grocery retail are either outdated or ineffective, mostly because they focus exclusively on transactions. So retailers increasingly incorporate loyalty campaigns in their marketing strategy. Here's why you should do the same.

20.11.2020 | news

“Won’t Stop Us”: Crises Won’t Stop Children From Thriving

One of UNGA's missions is to support children worldwide by enabling them to grow through play. That is why today, on World Children's Day, we want to give a shoutout to our partner, Right To Play, and its powerful "Won't Stop Us" campaign.

02.10.2020 | research

Why Adults Love to Collect the Little Shop Minis

No matter the country or the retailer, our Little Shop loyalty campaign is always a hit with families. We've rolled it out in 20 countries so far, and kids are not the only ones crazy about the minis. So, why are adults such big passionate Little Shop collectors?

24.09.2020 | news

6 Months Later: How We Are Coping With Remote Work

6 months after starting working from home, our HR team, together with our Insights Manager, has conducted a Vitality Scan to understand how everyone is coping. This has been a very insightful journey so far and because other companies or employees might relate, we wanted to share it with you.

23.09.2020 | innovation, research

Why Seedling Kit Collectible Promotions Are So Successful

Supermarkets’ collectible promotions featuring seedling kits have been a hit around the world in the last few years. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind this success and two popular seedling kit campaigns: Little Garden and Little Chefs.

08.09.2020 | campaigns, news

Lidl Shop Returns in Portugal 4 Years After the First Campaign

Lidl Shop was a hit in Portugal in 2016, and the loyalty campaign now makes a comeback with Lidl Shop 2. Once again, UNGA was there to shrink down Lidl's most popular products and turn them into the cutest toys for families to play at home.

07.09.2020 | campaigns, news

New World Little Garden 3 Revives New Zealand’s Green Thumb

After two successful campaigns, New World Little Garden is back in New Zealand with amazing novelties: UNGA developed plastic-free seedling kits and additional accessories for families.

03.09.2020 | news

How ‘Eat Like a Champ’ Inspires Kids to Live Healthily

Our new loyalty campaign 'Eat Like a Champ' features famous football players and stimulates children and their parents to eat healthily. As it is now rolled out by Carrefour France, our Insights Manager Inez Schmitz dives into how the mechanic of the campaign can really benefit families.

26.08.2020 | campaigns, news

Mange Comme Un Champion: Carrefour’s new loyalty campaign in France

UNGA's first loyalty campaign designed for Carrefour France just kicked off! Discover how 35 European footballers play together in the 'Mange Comme Un Champion' campaign to inspire French shoppers to eat healthy and score great meals at home!

24.08.2020 | campaigns, news

Here We Grow Again: Little Garden Is Back at Checkers

Checkers is bringing kids and adults in South Africa a new opportunity to garden together. From August 24, 2020 and until stocks last, Checkers Little Garden 2 will surprise and delight shoppers with 24 seedlings to grow at home, and novelties that UNGA so proudly contributed to.

21.08.2020 | news

We did it: We moved for children worldwide!

Do you remember when we announced in May that we were getting moving for Right To Play? Well, we did it! We're so proud and thrilled to share that we've unlocked over 1,300 play rewards for children in Right To Play's programs worldwide.

13.08.2020 | research

What Kids Can Learn Playing With Little Shop

One of our all-time biggest successes is the Little Shop campaign. No matter where in the world and which supermarket we run it with, kids and families love it because playing with Little Shop is both fun and educational. Read on to read more!

11.08.2020 | news

What We’ve Learned About Virtual Pitching

With lockdowns and travel bans in place, COVID-19 has made it impossible to meet with clients. So for a creative agency like UNGA, virtual pitching has become the new normal. Our Senior Account Manager Robert Dunsmore shares the lessons we've learned so far.

22.07.2020 | research

How to Prevent the Summer Slide with Reading

The summer slide is the learning loss that occurs when children don't actively study during the summer break. Find out how reading can help prevent this loss and how you can get children engaged in reading.

16.07.2020 | news

Moving for Children in the Middle East With Right To Play

In June, UNGA continued to track movement for good with Scooch. This time, the focus was on empowering children in the Middle East. Read more about our movement and support for Right To Play.

15.07.2020 | research

Families’ New Normal is Shaping Grocery Retail Loyalty

What does families' New Normal look like? Our Insights Manager decrypts the 3 main consumer trends that are being accelerated by the Coronavirus crisis and what they mean with regard to grocery and food retail loyalty.

08.07.2020 | research

The Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis on Retail Loyalty

UNGA’s Insights Manager Inez Schmitz has been taking in all the recent developments across the globe. In this article, she looks back at how retailers have been impacted by the Coronavirus crisis, and she shares her view on the new challenges in retail loyalty.

25.06.2020 | news

UNGA Moves for Children in Ghana With Right To Play

Last month, we joined the movement for good. With the help of Scooch, we tracked our activity and pushed ourselves to support Right To Play's mission to empower children. Our first month was all about Ghana. Let's rewind!

24.06.2020 | news

Woes Weinberg in the Loyalty Magazine Awards 30 Under 40 list for 2020

We are thrilled to announce that Woes Weinberg, UNGA's Head of Marketing, has been chosen for the prestigious Loyalty Magazine Awards 30 Under 40 list for 2020. With this win, Woes is one of the Top 30 Loyalty Experts worldwide this year.

19.05.2020 | research

Developing Social and Emotional Skills of Kids at Home

Helping children understand emotions and feelings can contribute to their healthy development. Read on to find out how to actively nurture kids' emotional intelligence at home.

15.05.2020 | research

Why Retaining Your Existing Customers Is Important

Retaining your existing customers can rapidly increase profitability. Companies, by focusing on acquiring new customers, undervalue customer retention.

12.05.2020 | news

Get Moving to Empower Children with Right To Play

We joined forces with Right To Play to promote the power of play, and we’ll continue to do so by joining the movement for good. From May to July 2020, our employees will be supporting the work of Right To Play by moving and tracking their physical activity on Scooch. So, how does this work?

06.05.2020 | research

Supporting Children’s Cognitive Development at Home

Children learn about the world around them by exploring and experiencing it. As they get older, their brains develop and determine the way they think and solve problems. Read on to find activities you can do at home to actively encourage your child's cognitive development.

23.04.2020 | research

Encouraging the Physical Development of Kids at Home

The development of coordination and strength, as well as healthy growth, is important for kids. We can actively encourage the development of these skills at home. Read on to learn more.

16.04.2020 | research

How to Stimulate Kids’ Language Development at Home

While spending most of their time inside, kids can be encouraged to work on their language development at home. Depending on their age, various activities can teach children valuable language skills in a playful and fun manner. Read on to learn more.

08.04.2020 | research

Play to Talk: Tips on How to Talk to Kids about Disease

When in a pandemic, or when a loved one is sick, it is important that parents help their children understand the disease and cope with their emotions. Discover our tips on how to use play to talk to kids about disease.

03.04.2020 | news

Coronavirus: Work from Home Becomes our New Normal

Work from home is now the new normal for many companies, UNGA included. Rethinking our daily organization helps protect employees and slow down the spread of coronavirus. As we're are all in this together, our HR Director Valeria Lindeman shares her thoughts on how to make it work.

02.04.2020 | news

4 Essential Skill Sets Kids Can Grow at Home

As kids need to learn continuously, spending a lot of time at home is a challenge. Read about skill sets kids can easily grow at home and a list of activities that can help.

26.03.2020 | news

Hey Reader, the New Monthly Kids Book Club in the Netherlands

We are proud to introduce you to Hey Reader, our new monthly kids book club that stimulates reading habits.

20.03.2020 | news

UNGA Nominated Twice for the Loyalty Magazine Awards 2020

Our Little Checkers and Little Chefs campaigns have been shortlisted in the Best Short-Term Loyalty Initiatives for the Loyalty Magazine Awards 2020.

17.03.2020 | research

The Benefits of Gardening for Kids

People of all ages, especially children, can enjoy growing and cultivating plants. Additionally, gardening can also be very valuable for little ones. We have listed the benefits of gardening for kids.

12.03.2020 | campaigns

Our First Little Garden Campaign in the UK launches at M&S

Our famous ‘little’ concepts have been traveling around the globe over the last few years. On February 26, our first Little Garden in the UK and the Republic of Ireland launched at M&S.

26.02.2020 | news

Right To Play and UNGA Partner Up to Promote the Power of Play

We're moving further with our mission to enable children to grow. We're thrilled to announce that we team up with Right To Play to raise awareness about Power of Play.

07.02.2020 | news

What Happened to Playing Outside?

Children these days do not play outside their homes as much as they used to. We explain three main reasons for what happened to playing outside.

22.01.2020 | news

NRF 2020: The Hottest Retail Trends of The Year

NRF 2020 uncovered the top retail trends of the year. To be successful, retailers should focus on technology, sustainability, and data.

17.01.2020 | news

How Collaborative Play Benefits Children

Kids play to grow, and some games are more beneficial than others. Discover how collaborative play helps shape kids' personalities.

18.12.2019 | news

Our 2019 Rewind: Press Pause on the Highlights of the Year

In our 2019 rewind, we see loyalty campaigns, events and in-house activities. We crafted millions of toys and smiles. Let's rewind together.


Our Recipe for the Successful Little Shop Loyalty Concept

Our creative team came up with a special recipe for our successful Little Shop concept: customers collecting miniatures of their favorite supermarket products.


The Top 3 Toy Trends for 2020

Eras are changing, needs and wants vary. So what will kids ask this year and what are the toy trends for 2020 that retailers need to follow?


Is the Santa Claus Myth Positive for Children’s Development?

More and more parents nowadays face the dilemma, "Should I tell my children that the Santa Claus myth is not true or should I let them believe in the tale?" We tell you all about it.

26.11.2019 | news

Working Effectively Together: A Multicultural Day at UNGA

What are cultural similarities and intercultural challenges? During the multicultural day at UNGA, we found how to be creative and innovative together.

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