2021 Wrapped: Our Top Supermarket Loyalty Campaigns

2021 Wrapped

As 2021 is coming to an end, we would like to highlight some supermarket campaigns that have brought joy to families across the world this year. Together with our valued retailers, we brought happiness and fun to families and helped them play to grow.

Our global team worked very hard to deliver incredible, personalized campaigns to many supermarkets across the world. With the most unique and successful loyalty programs, from concept to products, we helped grocery retailers to connect and build a long-lasting relationship with families. And there is so much to be proud of this year, especially of our playful rewards that have made to the grocery stores and families’ homes.

Explore and enjoy this wrapped version with some of our top supermarket loyalty campaigns of 2021!

Woolworths Discovery Garden

Discovery Garden Back at Woolworths

In February 2021, UNGA and Woolworths sprung into action and relaunched the previously successful Woolworths Discovery Garden campaign in Australia. This second edition of the instant reward program aimed to surprise families with a line-up of 24 seedling kits to collect and plant. The campaign had Aussie families buzzing with excitement and encouraged both adults and kids to discover more about growing food and creating the perfect habitat for little friends in their garden.

Each Discovery Garden kit included key elements to allow families to grow their garden and let their imagination bloom:

  • A cardboard FSC sleeve, including information, instructions, and a seed label
  • A biodegradable seed mat made from dissolvable paper
  • Seeds to plant
  • A compostable pot made from wood pulp
  • A coco pellet, made from coconut husk

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Torna-te Um Campeão

Torna-te Um Campeão Inspired Portuguese Families

To kick off the excitement for The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship, UNGA teamed up with Intermarché stores in Portugal to bring the Torna-te Um Campeão campaign to families. The campaign aired in May 2021 and aimed to promote families to cook and eat healthy, just like 32 of their favorite football players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Joao Felix, and Bernardo Silva. Intermarché rewarded families and kids with 2 sticker booklets for every EUR 20 they spend on groceries. 

  • Kids and families collected the entire line-up of stickers to complete their collector’s album
  • The little ones could also scan their stickers with their phones to add them to the Torna-te Um Campeão app and complete a digital collection
  • With the app, they could access exclusive information about the players, create their avatars, and play mini football games

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Space Jam

Salling Group and the “Space Jam: A New Legacy”

In July 2021, Warner Bros.’ Space Jam: A New Legacy movie was released in global cinemas; however, that was not the only exciting release: Salling Group, UNGA, and Warner Bros. Entertainment launched a creative campaign in Denmark where families could receive a free Space Jam: A New Legacy sticker booklet for every DKK 100 they spend. 

  • Each booklet included 1 Holocard and 2 stickers + 1 saver sticker
  • With 5 saver stickers + DKK 40, families could redeem one of the Space Jam plush toys in the line-up: Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, or Taz
  • All the plush toys were made of recycled materials: an innovation and a strong step towards sustainability in retail loyalty
  • A total of 20 Holocards and 40 stickers could be collected and placed in a beautifully designed collector’s album sold in-store
  • Made of FSC paper and hardcover, the 48-page album was filled with games and activities around the Space Jam: A New Legacy movie that made learning fun for kids

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Woolworths Aussie Heroes

Woolworths Aussie Heroes celebrated the 2020 Olympics & Paralympics

During the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, from July 7 to August 3, 2021, Aussie shoppers could collect stickers of their favorite athletes for every AUD 20 spent shopping at Woolworths all over the country, in-store and online. 

  • In total, 40 unique sticker packs could be collected in-store. Each pack contained three stickers: one portrait sticker of an athlete and two picture stickers related to the athletes and the Olympics and Paralympics history.
  • Lucky shoppers were also surprised by limited edition gold stickers and special stickers with real autographs of the Olympians!
  • The album, made from FSC certified paper, included 78 pages of fun as well as the Olympic and Paralympic history; sports rules, instructions, and fun facts; nutritional information about the Aussie Heroes’ favorite fruits & veggies, and much more!

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Woolworths Bricks

Building a Sustainable Future with Woolworths Bricks in Australia

In September 2021, UNGA and Woolworths Australia launched a sustainable way to play with collectible bricks made out of at least 80% recycled materials. The Woolworths Bricks campaign encouraged families to bring the fun of grocery shopping home by allowing them to build their green supermarket complete with aisles, trolleys, and checkout registers. 

  • Customers received one free pack containing a set of bricks for every 30 AUD spent both in-store and online.
  • Families could build a complete mini Woolworths Supermarket by collecting a total of 40 unique and Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified brick packs.
  • Woolworths Bricks became a great conversation starter for parents to introduce their children to sustainability and show them how green innovations can help protect the planet.

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Skrepishi 3

Skrepishi 3: The Playful Elastic Bands at Magnit

Magnit partnered up with UNGA and Hotel Transylvania by Sony Pictures in September to release an exciting new campaign for kids and parents all over Russia. The Skrepishi 3 campaign encouraged kids and families to collect and play with colorful elastic bands that could be used to personalize almost any object they had, such as backpacks and pencil cases. Shoppers received one free pack containing one elastic band when shopping at Magnit stores or Magnit’s convenience stores. 

  • To extend the fun of the Skrepishi 3 campaign, UNGA’s digital experts developed an online game for Magnit’s mobile app, where shoppers could play a memo game at different levels
  • Families enjoyed and unlocked 12 unique digital bracelets by winning the mini-games
  • By allowing kids the opportunity to collect both physical and digital bracelets, the “phygital” aspect of the campaign was highly valued by kids and families

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Mi Mini Lidl

Mi Mini Lidl Brings the Joy of Grocery Shopping Home

Starting September 2021, families visited Lidl stores all over Spain to collect miniature versions of their favorite products. Spanish families could bring their groceries, as well as the mini supermarket experience home. The collectible mini store products opened children and families up to play, discovery, and joy! 

  • Customers received a free pack containing a mini grocery item for every €20 spent on groceries at Lidl
  • The lineup included 25 unique miniatures, made out of at least 99% recycled materials, including cute mini versions of apples, cheese, shampoo, and exclusive Lidl shoes to collect
  • The collector’s case was made with an easy-to-carry briefcase on the outside and a beautiful mini Lidl supermarket, detailed with supermarket aisles, cashier desk, store entrance, parking lot, and even solar panels on the “inside”
  • Families could have a realistic supermarket experience from the comfort of their homes by filling the collectors’ case with all of the collectibles!

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Komandor DC Super Friends

Komandor DC Super Friends Heroes on a Special Mission in Russia

In October 2021, UNGA and Komandor launched a new 18-week loyalty campaign that brought DC Super Friends to Komandor stores in Russia. For every 350 RUB spent on groceries in Komandor supermarkets and discounters, shoppers could receive one stamp.

  • For every 750 RUB spent on Komandor hypermarkets (Аллея and Командор), shoppers could receive one stamp. With 10 stamps, families could get their hands on one of five incredible DC Super Friends plush toys for only 299 RUB – that’s up to a 70% discount! 
  • Lineup of 5 exclusive plush versions of Batman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman made for great cuddle buddies during the colder winter months.
  • The campaign combined the nostalgic element of superheroes that parents grew up with, together with a cartoon that kids love to watch.

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Creating Magic Together

Creating Magic Together with Magnit & the Soyuzmultfilm Friends

The Russian retailer Magnit built up excitement for the holiday season with a redemption campaign in Russia. In a new partnership with UNGA and Soyuzmultfilm (Союзмультфильм, in Russian), customers could collect stamps when shopping at one of many Magnit’s stores across the country to redeem the cutest Soyuzmultfilm sets.

  • By collecting stamps, families could redeem one of 9 Soyuzmultfilm sets containing a plush character and Christmas ornament
  • Magnit also offered families the opportunity to extend their collection with a book filled with the most recent new year tales: To the New Year with the New Stories (В Новый год с новыми сказками, in Russian)
  • The campaign also counted with a special mobile app with many interactive features for such as AR technology, audio stories and mini games

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Countdown Bricks

Countdown Bricks: The Recycled Bricks Drop in New Zealand

Kiwi kids were ecstatic about the new Countdown Bricks campaign dropping in November 2021. With this new recycled bricks campaign, Countdown reinforced its commitment to a more sustainable future by engaging young families in this playful and educational bricks program. Families could receive one pack of bricks for every 30 NZD they spend. With 40 packs to collect, grocery shopping, collecting bricks, and playing together was sure to make for some quality family time.

  • The brick packs included anything from building bricks for the foundation to mini store products, freezers, displays, trolleys, solar panels, checkouts, freezers, and aisle shelves
  • With our newest technology, UNGA managed to turn old materials, such as old fridges, swimming goggles, and luggage handles, into this amazing collection of bricks
  • All the bricks of the line-up are certified by the Environmental Choice New Zealand

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Intermarché Bricks

A Minha Loja Intermarché: Our Famous Bricks Campaign in Portugal

After the success of the Intermarché Bricks Farm campaign in 2019, UNGA had a new playful challenge for kids and families in Portugal. With the launch of the new bricks campaign, A Minha Loja Intermarché, families could build their bricks store at home. 

  • Customers could receive 1 of 40 free bricks packs for every EUR 20 spent on groceries, both in-store and online
  • Families could collect additional products to increase the playability of the campaign, such as basic and deluxe kits, delivery and large truck, employees and a puzzle mat
  • Our UNGA experts brought the bricks campaign to the next level with our Bricks application. Thanks to the bricks mobile app, kids and families can extend their playful journey from the little bricks sets to their screens

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These are just a few of our successful loyalty programs launched in 2021. If you want to stay in the know about many other new supermarket loyalty campaigns, follow us on LinkedIn.

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