2023 Retail Marketing Calendar: Key Dates That You Don’t Want to Miss

28.12.2022 news

The new year is just around the corner and it’s time to get your 2023 strategy & calendar ready. Planning and organizing for holiday seasons, events, celebrations, and special activities can be quite a hassle. From budgeting and stocking to scheduling and promoting, there is a lot that marketers have to take into account. And that’s why UNGA’s created the 2023 Retail Marketing Calendar for you!

An in-depth Retail Marketing Calendar is crucial for a retail marketeer like yourself. This as it helps define and secure the upcoming year’s strategy and planning. This calendar allows you to easily plan campaigns, and activities around certain holidays and events. Therefore, makes it easy for you to know key dates, plan a successful year and establish set marketing goals. Planning marketing campaigns will be a breeze!


2023 Retail Marketing Calendar includes:

  • Seasonal updates
  • Sporting events
  • Important sales days
  • Annual reoccurring activities and events
  • International holidays

With this calendar tool you’ll be able to create a prosperous cohesive plan which can help you:

  • Strengthen the bond between your brand and customers
  • Increase sales and foot traffic of your stores
  • Win over shoppers and exceed during key sales periods


What does UNGA’s Calendar look like and why should you use it?

Our calendar’s divided into the 12 months of 2023. Each month has its own celebrations, holidays, and events. Thus, giving retailers and stores a better way to prepare and track the upcoming seasons!

Using such a retail calendar can have several benefits. Such as:

  • Keeping up with and comparing usual performance
  • Planning the best time for your own loyalty campaign
  • Helps retailers identify the key moments to capitalize on
  • Ensures on-time planning and prevents rush

We’ve gathered all the key retail dates of 2023 together to help you identify the best possible opportunities.  All of the events listed below can be used for promotional sales, loyalty campaigns, and products. So, don’t be shy, check out UNGA’s calendar and use it to its fullest potential!



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