4 Tips to Create a Successful Sports Loyalty Campaign

02.11.2022 research

Today we will discover all about sports loyalty campaigns. So now you’ve seen how popular and effective both sports and themed loyalty campaigns can be. It’s clear that these events and competitions create several opportunities for grocery retailers around the world. But how do you create the best campaign for your own customers? Getting shoppers enthusiastic and engaged is no easy task. But we can help you out by defining features, tips, and tricks of a successful campaign. 

The tips behind a successful sport-themed campaign

1. Offering a gamified experience

Loyalty programs are a gamified way for retailers to reward their customers. But more than just a giveaway, they are all about an immersive – and unforgettable – experience. With a good strategy, mechanics, and in-store activation your shoppers will be visiting your supermarket & engaging in your program. But the secret lies in the basics: you need to offer a gamified experience to get shoppers to participate, shop and collect. 

The simple mechanics of receiving rewards are already gamified by nature. But don’t forget to add some extra fun: add a special item to the lineup, or a fun competition with a chance to win exclusive rewards. And of course: make it all about having fun during their favorite competition! That’s one of the secrets to stimulating shoppers to engage and immerse themselves in your brand. Which in turn, builds brand loyalty!


2. Giveaway of unique rewards

Did you know that offering personalized rewards motivates shoppers to collect more? Sports competitions are a great opportunity to offer customized rewards, themed to the event, teams or even individual players. Fans in the past have gotten such a kick out of them! These rewards also offer shoppers the opportunity to connect and bond with their favorite clubs and players don’t underestimate the power of this connection!

Having a wide line-up selection of sports-related rewards is another motivator for shoppers to score and collect them all. The engagement in the campaign becomes even higher when the rewards provide shoppers with items that can use to show their own pride and support. The end goal? Offering unique rewards will stimulate collectability and popularity. Your customers will not stop on the first rewards – they will collect them all! 


3. Creating a community 

Fans and shoppers alike have shown a need for a sense of appreciation and community. With the loyalty campaigns we’ve rolled out, we always see a pattern: the more shoppers engaged with other customers, the biggest hype the campaign created. And even more important: this community will turn into your own brand ambassadors, without you even asking for! Sports campaigns already have a bigger advantage here: they target consumers that are already part of a bigger community – making it even easier for people to connect with each other. Think about swap groups, event days, and even social media posts amplifying this huge fan community!

And what could amplify the reach of your campaign even more? Well, ambassadors could! Having certain teams or individual players as ambassadors of your loyalty campaign really helps to spread the word and make your campaign even more desired. Even before people start participating, the campaign is already seen as successful by collaborating with big celebrities. Easy like that, you’ll get fans to bond and make your campaign unforgettable! 


4. Giving unlimited fun! 

It’s no big statement, but the fun of a loyalty campaign should never end with free rewards. Remember: shoppers always want more! In 2021, more than 30 billion dollars was spent on sports merchandise (Elrawi, 2021). Now you know that customers are willing to pay for their sports products! So why not take advantage and extend your lineup with unique products that people are already interested in buying? 

Well, think about unique sports merchandise to boost engagement and increase sales, but also about offering shoppers unlimited fun during their favorite events. By giving them all the tools they need to celebrate and make it an unforgettable moment. Limited edition items are the perfect way to increase collectability and campaign growth. They will also play a big role in cross-selling and sales uplift. For example, completers make fans enthusiastic to acquire them all by giving them a sneak peek into what the campaign rewards entail. That’s something every retailer wants for their campaign! 


Becoming the next striking success 

It’s clear to see that sports play a large role in the success of a loyalty campaign. With the ever-increasing popularity surrounding sports events and competitions, there’s no time to waste. Each year families and fans alike are united together as one to support their favorite clubs. And this is an opportunity you shouldn’t let bounce by!

So what do you say? Do you have what it takes to create the next slam dunk of a campaign?

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