5 Reasons To Run a Christmas Loyalty Campaign

20.12.2022 news, research

Can we already talk about Christmas loyalty campaigns? The holiday season is just around the corner, and it won’t take long until the Christmas songs and Christmas lights are everywhere. Families will get ready to spend a cozy season with friends and loved ones, celebrating this special moment together. But before any official celebration even starts, retailers and brands must work hard to make sure they will connect with their shoppers during this special moment. The icy cold weather is no issue for the rejoiceful and warmth of the Christmas season!

Christmas is not just a big deal for shoppers, but for retailers and brands alike. In fact, Christmas is one of the largest holidays in the world, with almost half of the world’s population celebrating it (journeyz, 2022). It’s not for any reason that retailers invest even invest on Christmassy TV advertisements to increase their seasonal sales figures. But there is an even more effective marketing tactic to secure these key periods and still celebrate this special moment with customers. Yes, loyalty campaigns! After all, who would want to miss the opportunity of the“season of giving” as a way to create a long-lasting relationship with shoppers? 

Still in doubt on why to run a Christmas loyalty campaign? We listed down 5 main reasons to convince you!


  • Ever-increasing sales

First of all, it’s important to understand that Christmas has become a very commercial holiday, highly associated with giving and receiving presents. Remember, Christmas is known to be the season of “giving”. In addition, shoppers are ready to spend more to make the most out of the last big celebration of the year. They are so ready that even one month before, during Black Friday/Black Week, they already start their end-of-the-year shopping to secure good deals for this important month. This also explains why consumers spend a lot more during this festive season than during the rest of the year. No one wants to be left empty-handed, and that’s why the annual spending increases during this season each year.

In other words, consumers prepare to spend their money during the end-of-the-year holiday and that’s why Christmas is a must for any brand! Think about higher spending on grocery items for a special dinner, decorations, presents, and many others. For instance, in the UK, the take-home grocery sales reached £31.7 billion over the 12 weeks to 26 December 2021 as shoppers made the most of Christmas festivities (Kantar).

What is the main takeaway of these ever-increasing sales? During the Christmas season, brands will fight to be ahead of their competition, making sure that they can secure this key period with their shoppers and even win some new shoppers too. Sales uplift, an increase in market share and average basket size and footfall are only a few of the results that retailers can expect with a Christmas loyalty campaign. Moreover, offering a loyalty campaign can become vital for retailers to keep their customers interested in shopping at your supermarket.


  • The season of giving

And who could forget the gifts given during this holiday? Christmas is known to be the season for giving and this has a lot of emotions involved. When people give gifts they feel a greater sense of happiness and joy. Another benefit of gift-giving is the creation of stronger connections and relationships. Giving and receiving gifts can build gratitude and thankfulness with ever-deepening bonds. This way of connecting and thanking can – and must! – be used by retailers for their loyal shoppers.

You might think that with so much giving everywhere, your campaign can become irrelevant or just one more in the endless crowd. However, it’s quite the opposite. Brands that decide not to join the Holiday festivities and the “giving culture” can be in danger as shoppers might feel left behind. In addition, with an increase in the grocery budget, consumers expect to be appreciated even more. It’s just like that Christmas card and gifts you receive from your clients and partners. These small gestures become essential in the view of shoppers, especially during the season of giving and caring. This means that instead of “something nice to have”, rewarding shoppers during this key period becomes essential.

There is no way out: you will need to reward your shoppers for their brand loyalty and unique rewards are the best way to do so! Furthermore, making shoppers feel appreciated and part of their own community can encourage them to keep shopping at your establishment. Offering loyalty campaigns with a festive twist is likely to draw shoppers in, make them participate, and increase their brand loyalty for your retail.


  • Mystery, surprise and delight

Christmas is all about surprises: Advent calendars, the traditional Secret Santa game, and presents wrapped under the decorated tree. A big part of the excitement and joy of Christmas is finding out what Santa has brought to every family member! This same excitement can also be used in other strategies, such as a loyalty campaign. But how can you bring surprise and delight to shoppers in your supermarket?

Your shoppers will already be excited when they see your loyalty campaign during their favorite time of the year. This excitement will grow even more when they achieve the minimum spend, or collect the right amount of stamps, and get a unique reward on their hands. Opening each blind flow pack will give them the unpacking pleasure, and the good news is that this excitement will make them want to collect the entire lineup. The Christmas season is just the perfect time to create limited-time hype and engagement with your brand. No one will want to miss out on this opportunity, as it will feel like a very exclusive deal. Plus, think that you might also be helping shoppers to reward themselves and their loved ones.


  • The perfect gift to give

It’s not always easy finding the perfect stocking filler or gift for a loved one. The stress and “holiday gift” anxiety is extremely prominent during Christmas. Shoppers often worry about giving people fitting, tailored gifts. And that’s where loyalty campaigns come in – again! Campaign rewards can be used as gifts themselves, for shoppers to give to their friends and family. Even more when these rewards offer a sense of personalized touch and feel well throughout. 

Therefore taking the pressure and stress off shoppers as it allows them to collect gifts in an easy and straightforward way for them to make their own trees fuller. Even more: collecting rewards in a fun way with minimum to no additional costs! This marketing tactic has the power to make your shoppers more inclined to collect and save up for the various rewards as well. There’s also the possibility that the friends and family gifted would become loyal shoppers themselves after having received such wonderful rewards (Global Brands Magazine, 2022).


  • Retaining attention and loyalty

Shoppers have the need to feel appreciated in order to connect and be loyal to a brand. There are several ways to do so, but offering rewards is proven to be one of the most effective ways to earn their trust and loyalty. And of course, giving them a little back during the holiday period will only make them feel more appreciated and cared for, especially during the season that it’s all about giving.

By offering rewards, you entice and encourage them to stay loyal to your brand. This in turn helps increase brand awareness and reach. Besides being also a commercial holiday, Christmas is also a very emotional holiday, about care, love and spending quality time. This means that there is no better moment to go a step further and create an emotional bond with your shoppers.

The star in your Christmas tree

As you already know, loyalty campaigns are a perfect marketing tactic to invite, engage and connect with shoppers. But more than that, they can also be part of a bigger Christmas strategy for your retail, combined with other actions and sales goals that you already have in mind. That’s the beauty in it: loyalty campaigns are highly personalized and can be adapted to any brand without losing their effectiveness. Want to board participant brands? You can! Want to give a little extra to your loyalty card holders? Also possible! Thinking of bigger rewards, competitions, or different activations? We can fit it all!

Loyalty campaigns allow for many inspiring opportunities and possibilities both this year and in the upcoming ones. With all the reasons why loyalty campaigns are good to have it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t want one for your own brand. Now it’s clear: a loyalty campaign can be the star of your Christmas tree – or the cherry on top of your Christmas cake, as you prefer!

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