A Minha Loja Intermarché: Our Famous Bricks Campaign Back in Portugal

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11.11.2021 campaigns

Meet A Minha Loja Intermarché: After the success of the Intermarché Bricks Farm campaign (known as A Minha Quinta Origens, in Portuguese) in 2019, UNGA is arriving once more in Portugal bringing a new playful challenge for kids and families. With the new bricks campaign, A Minha Loja Intermarché, families can build their own bricks store at home.

Starting this week, on November 11th, customers can receive a free bricks pack for every EUR20 they spend on groceries, both in-store and online. There will be unlimited fun with the 40 brick packs that kids can collect, build and play with. Families will get their hands on the most playful supermarket and additional bricks products with a familiar face stamped on it: the Intermarché Porsi brand.


Celebrating Intermarché with customers


Back in 2019, the Bricks Farm campaign was inspired by Intermarché’s Origens Program, whose mission is to support national production and make local goodies available to the entire country. Now, in 2021, the Bricks Supermarket campaign celebrates the 2nd anniversary of Porsi: Intermarché’s own brand. With this campaign, Intermarché is rewarding their customers’ trust and loyalty to their brand, and also thanking them for making Porsi part of their own family. 

Shoppers can collect mini bricks to create their own supermarket, such as aisles, freezers & fridges, checkout registers and many more. In addition, there is also a selection of the most famous Porsi items that can be added into the mini supermarket shelves, making the pretend play even more realistic. The bricks supermarket can also be customised with Porsi stickers and banners, just like the real Intermarché shop. 

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 The fun beyond the 40 unique brick packs


Intermarché knows that, when it comes to a bricks collection, the more the better! So besides the 40 brick packs that kids and families can collect at the shop checkout, UNGA designers have also developed additional products to increase the playability of the campaign. To start the bricks journey, Intermarché is offering the opportunity to collect two Starter Packs. The Basic kit contains a baseboard and entrance wall, while the Deluxe kit includes two full walls and stickers for personalization. 

To make the grocery shopping experience even more real, kids can also get their hands on additional bricks items. With the help of a delivery and a large truck, the brick employees can make sure that all the grocery items and other products arrive and depart from the store. Besides that, there is an electric car and a customer figurine set, to pretend-play on the mini bricks store. And it all becomes even more real thanks to the puzzle playmat that extends the Intermarché supermarket with a green parking lot and external area.

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Digital bricks: A Minha Loja Intermarché APP

For this year’s campaign, our UNGA experts had to come up with a special novelty to bring the bricks campaign to the next level: our own Bricks application! Thanks to our newest bricks mobile app, kids and families can extend their playful journey from the little bricks sets to their screens. How can they do that? The A Minha Loja Intermarché APP combines real life and the virtual world in an engaging way, with mini games and challenges to have fun while learning how to run a store.

Just as a supermarket manager, kids can play mini games to unload their trucks, restock the shelves, clean the store, help customers find what they want, and scan products at the checkout. But all of that can be done together with their friends: the little ones can share their progress with friends and family while training to become the most successful store manager of all!

Starting a Bricks adventure by turning mobile phones into a supermarket. With the app, kids can:

  • Create their own store manager avatar
  • Scan their bricks to unlock new products for the virtual store
  • Run their own Intermarché Bricks supermarket
  • Use the AR feature to walk around their own store

Parents don’t have to worry about their kids on their phones: The Bricks App was developed with playful and educational purposes, so kids can play to grow. For instance with engaging AR stories, the bricks figurines can teach kids all about different topics in a fun way: How do solar panels work? What exactly is a self checkout? How is milk made? These are only a few of the learnings that kids will discover while playing with A Minha Loja Intermarché App

Rita, the Head Office of Intermarché Bricks App, will introduce Portuguese kids to everything they need to know to run a store. She will guide the new little store managers through the process of ordering products, putting them on the shelves, and most importantly: how to make the customers happy. 

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