A Year With UNGA: 2020 Report

25.01.2021 news

2020 has been an undeniably challenging year, but with our partners, we used the power of play to make it better. And we’ll make 2021 even more fun.

In 2020, we created no less than half a billion smiles with all the toys and collectibles handed out to grocery shopping families, but a lot happened behind the scenes!

Download our report to discover what this past year was made of for UNGA and our partners.




What’s inside?
  • A word from our Co-CEO, Hong Liem
  • UNGA at a glance in 2020
  • Growing through the Power of Play since 2006
  • Winning over families with loyalty campaigns
  • Leading innovation and change
  • Learning and growing in a world in motion
  • Top 7 loyalty campaigns that marked 2020
  • Playing in the major league: Awards and Honors
  • Spreading the Power of Play beyond loyalty
  • Behind the scenes
  • On our way to 2021

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