A Year with UNGA: 2021 Report

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02.02.2022 news

Discover our A Year with UNGA 2021 Report

2021 has been a rollercoaster of a year, yet with the support of our UNGA team, partners and suppliers, we rocked it! We’re extremely proud to bring many cutting-edge innovations and successful campaigns into the retail industry in 2021. But what’s so special about 2021? We celebrated our 15th anniversary of playing to grow!

In 2021, we launched many unique loyalty campaigns with grocery retailers which brought happiness and joy to families around the globe. We spotted important trends (Spot On! Trends) and broke all our records when it comes to family and concept research.  In addition, our campaigns received important awards recognizing UNGA’s rewards for their unique design and creativity. We enjoyed in-person and online team events, staying connected, and enjoying quality time with our UNGA family. Furthermore, we contributed to retailers’ extensive knowledge of families, retail, and loyalty

We’re already preparing for the future, but at this very moment, we would love to invite you to take a last look back at the amazing year of 2021. Let’s do it together!


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A sneak peek at our 2021

Here are the 15 topics in our 15th-anniversary report:

  1. Open letter from our Co-CEO
  2. Hi, we’re UNGA
  3. Evolving & growing: 15-year anniversary
  4. Generating customer loyalty
  5. Budding UNGA innovations
  6. Resilience in the retail industry
  7. Exciting Spot On! Trends
  8. Our top campaigns of 2021
  9. Awards shelf 2021
  10. Hoi, it’s Hey Reader!
  11. Promoting the Power of Play together
  12. Behind the dream team
  13. UNGA content library
  14. Welcoming the future
  15. Get in touch with us

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