A Year With UNGA 2022 Report

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20.01.2023 news
2022 was an eventful year for UNGA. We continued to bring new and innovative ideas to the market whilst previous loyalty campaigns returned for great comebacks. This year we couldn’t help but bring large amounts of joy and happiness to families which had collected several of our campaigns.

Check out what kept us busy with our A Year With UNGA 2022 Report. 


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Download the A Year With UNGA 2022 Report now!

In 2022, we took our sustainability goals to the next level with innovation and more recycled campaigns. With hard work and determination, we created top-ranking sustainable campaigns that educated families and allowed them to play to grow. In addition to this several of our campaigns were nominated and won important awards,  acknowledging UNGA’s innovation and creativity.

We didn’t just work hard but we played hard as well! Our colleagues enjoyed several courses, trainings, team bonding events, and company activities throughout the year. That brought the UNGA family closer together, making it a great year for all of us.

Now we’re already building our 2023, collectible by collectible but we’d love for you to take a look back into the previous year we had. Download our ‘A Year With UNGA’ 2022 Report’


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