Back by popular demand: The most loved collectibles campaigns in 2022

10.12.2022 campaigns, innovation, news

As the year comes to a close, we’d like to look back at amazing supermarket loyalty campaigns that made a comeback in 2022. Time to put in the spotlight three main campaigns that have brought so much joy and happiness to shoppers that retailers had to bring them back due to popular demand. Yes, that’s right. Shoppers asked non-stop to have their favorite collectibles back and retailers couldn’t say no.

By bringing back a new edition of famous collectible campaigns in 2022, grocery retailers gave another wonderful opportunity for shoppers to collect, play and expand their existing collection with their latest rewards. Let’s take a look at it together!

20220715 Campaign Announcement Checkers-Little Shop 3-Square Visual

The ever-growing collectible craze with Checkers Little Shop 3

From the first Little Shop surprise back in 2016 to the collectibles of the Little Shop 3 we now know, the craze hasn’t stopped! Due to the immense popularity of Little Shop 1 & 2, Checkers and UNGA partnered up once more for an entirely new makeover for their 2022 release. Families went crazy over the novelties and nostalgic elements of this campaign. 

  • Shoppers could collect 24 unique Checkers’ own-brand and famous brands’ grocery miniatures, including special editions. These could then be stored in a playful collector’s case. 
  • In 2022, the Little Shop miniatures had an amazing novelty: they were made from 100% recycled materials. Materials such as 100% recycled plastic, sustainably sourced cardboard, and FSC-certified paper were used to create the best miniatures possible! 
  • Children and families alike were introduced to endless pretend-play possibilities. The miniatures helped generations to come together and play, increasing quality family time.

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New World Little Garden 4 nourished hearts across New Zealand

What’s a better way of teaching children about the importance of healthy eating and living than through Little Garden? The seedling kits returned this August in 2022 with the retailer New World. The campaign taught kiwi families and children all about plants, veggies, and nature.

  • Shoppers could collect 24 different herbs and vegetables ready to be planted and grown in their own homes and gardens. Each seedling kit came with its own seed mat, soil tablet, degradable pot, and fresh friend sticker. Each of these was biodegradable and recyclable! 
  • Fans of the campaign could also keep track of their seedling variants and stickers through the purchasable collector’s case. 
  • New World also partnered with School Kit to spread Little Garden’s to more than 3.000 schools as a valuable teaching resource. This allowed more than 96.000 children in 2022 to be reached and educated thanks to this loyalty program.

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Countdown Bricks Farm 2022

Encouraging kiwi’s to learn all about food with Countdown Bricks Farm

Staying on the topic of healthy eating, food, and farming, we move on to our newly renewed Countdown Bricks campaign. Countdown’s first campaign in 2021 gave shoppers the opportunity to collect and build their own miniature Countdown stores. As a follow-up, in October 2022, the collectible campaign focused on New Zealand farmers and the local kiwi food chain. 

  • Countdown’s Bricks Farm educated families and children on the importance of farmers, and growing food locally. There were 40 unique farm-focused flow packs with a variety of 175 bricks consisting of bricks veggies, fruits, animals and farms! 
  • Small details can have a significant impact, so Countdown decided to include Bricks figurines modeled after real-life Kiwi farmers. Thus highlighting and honoring local producers and suppliers. 
  • In 2022, UNGA brought a novelty to Kiwi kids and families: the entire bricks lineup was made of 100% sustainable materials – a first in the loyalty world!

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What’s next? 

We can’t wait to see more collectible campaigns coming back in the next few years. Together with grocery retailers, our goal is to spread the power of play and bring families closer together. Are you ready to join us in this mission?

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