Building a Sustainable Future with Woolworths Bricks in Australia

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20.09.2021 campaigns, innovation, news

Looking for a sustainable way for families to play? Look no further! UNGA and Woolworths Australia are launching a sustainable way to play with collectible bricks. The Woolworths Bricks campaign encourages families to bring the fun of grocery shopping home by allowing them to build their own green supermarket

The campaign period of six weeks begins September 8th in all states across Australia (September 22nd in NSW/ACT), both in-store and online. For this duration, customers will receive one free pack containing a set of bricks for every 30 AUD spent. Families can build a complete mini Woolworths Supermarket by collecting a total of 40 unique brick packs.

*Excl. NSW & ACT until 21/09/21


Woolworths Bricks Supermarket: A sustainable learning experience

Aside from the bricks being made out of at least 80% recycled materials, the realistic replica of the supermarket allows kids to explore the solar panels, electric car charging stations displayed in the mini Woolworths supermarket. By playing and navigating through the colorful aisles of the Woolworths Bricks Supermarket with free-fruit-for-kids basket, trolleys, and checkout registers, the little ones can learn about sustainability, circular economy, and also develop mindfulness for their future. 

At home and through play, Woolworths Bricks are a great conversation starter for parents to introduce their children to sustainability and show them how green innovations can help protect the planet.

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Collect, build, and play

The line-up counts 40 brick packs in total, which each contain up to 6 different bricks including bricks for the foundation, walls, and supermarket aisles, with a realistic touch from UNGA’s designers that makes them look just as good as the real Woolies supermarket. Personalized merchandise items, such as the large truck, a delivery truck, and Woolies team members figurines, also increase the playability and the collection of the Woolworths Supermarket Bricks.

For some next-level fun, Woolworths launched starter kits, providing shoppers with everything they need to begin their building journey. What’s inside? The Basic kit contains a baseboard and entrance wall, while the Deluxe kit includes two full walls and stickers for personalization. Kids can now upgrade their own building block creation, as Woolworths Bricks are also compatible with bricks from other brands.

Charlotte Healey, our Head of Strategy at UNGA Pacific, shared her excitement about our partnership with Woolworths to create a collectibles program that will engage the Australian community. “Sustainability is at the heart of Woolworths and by creating this program we hope to support, celebrate, educate and inspire Aussies and next generations across the country.” 


A recycled & recyclable concept

Sustainability plays a big role during this campaign due to Woolworths’ commitment to growing towards a greener future. Woolworths Bricks are made of at least 80% recycled materials such as old fridges, swimming goggles, and luggage handles, making them an innovative creation by UNGA in collaboration with Woolworths.  

All 40 brick packs from the line-up are Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified. The certification ensures that the collectibles have been independently assessed to meet environmental, human health, and social impact requirements to prove they are not only good for families but also the planet.

Woolworths is also providing a recycling solution to their bricks, via a partnership with TerraCycle. Shoppers can drop their brick collectibles back at any Woolworths store, which will be then recycled and turned into new items such as park benches and garden beds allowing the recycling cycle to continue.


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