Checkers Little Shop 3: The Revival of The Most Iconic Miniature Campaign in ZA

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27.07.2022 campaigns, innovation

You heard it right: Checkers just launched their newest collectable campaign: Checkers Little Shop 3one more amazing program that nurtures the long-standing partnership with UNGA!

Starting on July, 25th 2022, kids and families have one extra reason to visit Checkers stores all over South Africa: to collect Checkers Little Shop 3 miniatures. With the third edition of the minis campaign, the retailer is giving South African kids an opportunity to collect and play with their favorite minis – this time, made from 100% recycled plastic!

During the 6-week campaign period, for every R200 spent in Checkers supermarkets, shoppers receive one free surprise collectible mini. There are 24 unique miniatures to collect, featuring not only grocery items and utility products but also an Xtra Savings card and a Sixty60 delivery bicycle. With these two Checkers-branded minis, loyal little shoppers can also bring their love for Checkers to their playtime at home.

Curious about the lineup? Think about shrunk versions of products shoppers can find on Checkers’ shelves! The 24 minis are cute versions of grocery items, such as spaghetti, avocado, and yogurt, but also utility products such as toilet paper, diapers, and cleaning products. As in the real Checkers store, there are minis from Checkers’ own brand and A-brands that South African families love, such as Nescafé, Huggies, Lindt, Maggi, and many others. 


Checkers Little Shop 3: It’s back, it’s recycled!

The hype is back: this time with 100% sustainable minis

Checkers wanted South African families to play with unique and colorful miniatures, but producing new-single plastic use was out of the question. Checkers’ goal was very aligned with UNGA’s motto of Play, Grow & Sustain. So we gave new life to old materials, and instead of letting them remain as waste, we turned them into playful and high-quality minis that families can collect and play with over the years. The result? Minis are made from 100% recycled plastic and responsibly sourced cardboard and paper.

What could you do with one old refrigerator? Well, we turned it into roughly 210 honey minis! One half-liter disposed water bottle was turned into roughly 10 spaghetti minis, while 1 pair of discarded swimming goggles was turned into 9 Sunfoil minis. That’s exactly how we managed to produce minis from already existing materials that would end up in landfills or in the oceans. In addition, the cardboard and paper minis were sustainably sourced and FSC-certified, aiming to keep our forest safe!

Checkers loyal customers can collect Checkers Little Shop 3 miniatures to play together and extend their miniature collection from the past two campaigns. The minis are also a great way to educate the little ones on the importance of more sustainable products while having fun. The campaign is considered to be highly educational on several levels, stimulating family quality time as well.


UNGA & Checkers: a loyal partnership to create loyal customers

Little Shop was the first-ever collectable campaign rolled out at Checkers, back in 2016, and the response from customers couldn’t have been better: they simply loved the mini collectibles! Due to popular demand, Checkers decided to run a second edition of the campaign in 2017. Since then, UNGA and Checkers have been partnering up with different family loyalty programs, turning our most famous concepts into successful campaigns: such as  Checkers Little Garden 1 and Checkers Little Garden 2, for instance.

In 2022, six years after our first launch, it was time to revive our very first campaign with Checkers. We are happy to present the amazing novelties for this nostalgic and memorable campaign, with an entire lineup of miniatures made of 100% recycled plastic, FSC paper, and cardboard.

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UNGA is thrilled to bring back the iconic Little Shop program to Checkers and to South African homes with this exciting 3rd edition which is filled with new features.

“We take pride in doing so with a fully sustainable version of the playful miniatures, this time made of 100% recycled and FSC-certified materials. A remarkable step towards more sustainability in loyalty and in grocery retail, which also nurtures our trusted partnership with Checkers with a 6th consecutive program together.” Arja Klop | Account Director Middle East & Africa

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