Countdown Bricks Farm Teaches Families in NZ Where Food Comes From

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01.11.2022 campaigns, innovation, news

Boots and hats on, the farming experience is about to start. Get ready to discover Countdown Bricks Farm, UNGA’s newest collectible campaign in New Zealand!

After the massive success of Countdown Bricks supermarket in 2021, UNGA is back with a new campaign in New Zealand. This time, instead of collecting bricks to build their own Countdown supermarket, Kiwi families can participate in the giveaway of the Countdown Bricks Farm edition – made of 100% recycled plastic & FSC paper and cardboard. 

From the 28th of October 2022, New Zealanders will be even more delighted when shopping at Countdown. For the duration of seven weeks, customers spending 30 NZD will receive a free flow pack containing up to six bricks pieces. There are 40 unique flow packs to collect, making a total of 175 bricks that kids can collect for free!


Get to work on your own Bricks Farm! 🚜

Learning all about food, environment & farming 

What about the bricks on this lineup? Well, think about a barn, fruit trees, berry bushes, and veggie crops popular on New Zealand farms. Spinach, tomatoes, kiwifruit, orange and apple trees, and strawberry and lettuce plants are a few of the lineup items… And of course, we could never forget the farmer, and the cute brick animals such as chickens, pigs, sheep, cows, and a Border Collie – typical NZ herding dog! With a complete farm, kids can learn all about how food grows and where it comes from, making Countdown Bricks Farm a great educational play! 

Countdown decided to champion some of their growers who help keep their shelves stocked and tummies full across the country. Five growers were immortalized into the Countdown Bricks Farm world. This includes Gordon from LeaderBrand, Kathy from Balle Bros, Blair from Wilcox, Anthony from Kaipara Kumara, and Toni from NZ Gourmet. In addition, o showcase the way these fresh items come from the farm to supermarkets across the country, Countdown partnered up with some of their grocery suppliers and New Zealand-owned brands to bring a realistic touch to the lineup. 

Kids can also play with brands they see at their favorite supermarket, such as Anchor dairy products, including butter, milk and cheese, and also Ploughmans Bakery flour bags. Countdown’s jam and honey jar are also available at the Bricks farm! Brick-lovers can extend their Countdown Supermarket collection from 2021, and also play with their other bricks, as Countdown Bricks Farm are also compatible with other brands. In addition, each brick flow pack comes with an instruction leaflet containing a code. By scanning the code with the myCountdown app, collectors can track their collection and play with physical & digital bricks!


Upgrading the Countdown Bricks Farm with 10 unique items! 🌾

Besides the Bricks giveaways, shoppers also have the opportunity to purchase 10 merchandise items to extend their collection and upgrade their Bricks farm. 

Five exclusive items can be purchased to upgrade the farm:

  • Farmhouse with a baseplate, walls & windows, roof with solar panels and stickers
  • Farm shed with a small baseplate, walls, roof, hay and stickers
  • Trailer can be attached to most vehicles to carry goodies and farming equipment around!
  • Farmers pack with 4 farmers’ characters to manage your farm
  • Puzzle Playmat to recreate the entire Countdown Bricks Farm journey!

With the right tools and equipment, farmers can work better. Thinking of this, we developed additional five branded merchandise items, in collaboration with Countdown’s grocery partners, to ensure that all the products from the farm can be planted, harvested, and transported to the supermarket and families’ homes! That includes:

  • Anchor Milk Tanker 
  • Wilcox Farm Truck
  • Ploughmans Bakery Harvester 
  • Balle Bros Quad Bike
  • Leaderbrand Tractor

*Each one of the above merchandise sets also comes with a driver bricks’ character 


World’s first bricks loyalty campaign made of 100% recycled materials ♻️

Being better for the environment is a priority for Countdown. That’s why UNGA has been working very hard to offer more sustainable loyalty programs, including our brick collections. In 2021, we launched the Countdown Bricks campaign, with bricks made of 80% recycled materials – a first in the loyalty world! Since then, we kept researching and developing and that’s how we managed to launch the world’s first bricks loyalty campaign made of 100% recycled plastic Countdown Bricks Farm is certified by Environmental Choice New Zealand.

But a sustainable campaign is not only made of sustainable materials. With this collectible program, Countdown also aims to educate New Zealanders about the importance of locally grown fresh food while taking care of the environment. The lineup includes educational bricks such as a composter, a beehive, and also an electric farm truck as merchandise. In addition, the farmhouse and farm shed also come with solar panels, and all the brick produce crates labeled with local areas where Countdown sources their produce from. Countdown stores are also providing a donation bin for customers to donate any unwanted Bricks packs to a local charity.

Since we are talking about educating…Countdown will also be sending some Bricks Farm kits to local schools. That’s right! Countdown is also partnering up with School Kit to bring bricks sets to schools around the country. With this effort, Countdown is making sure the collectible programs can be used as an educational resource – supporting the young Kiwi community!

“Partnering with Countdown on their latest Bricks Farm collectibles program continues our fun, creative and sustainable bricks story.  We began in the Countdown Bricks Supermarket and now we have our wonderful Countdown Bricks Farm celebrating the farmers, growers and where Kiwi fresh food comes from. We look forward to seeing families across New Zealand collecting, building and playing with Countdown Bricks Farm” – Charlotte Healey, UNGA’s Head of Strategy – Pacific Region

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