Countdown Bricks: The New Recycled Bricks Drop in New Zealand

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11.11.2021 campaigns, innovation

It’s not just Kiwi kids that are excited about the new Countdown Bricks campaign dropping on November 5th! UNGA is also thrilled to launch a new recycled Bricks loyalty program, this time with Countdown supermarkets in New Zealand. Kids and families are counting down the minutes until they can collect bricks to build their own supermarkets, learn, and play!

With this new recycled bricks campaign, Countdown reinforces their commitment to a more sustainable future by engaging young families in this playful and educational bricks program. During the six-week campaign, families will receive one pack of bricks for every 30 NZD they spend. With 40 packs to collect, grocery shopping, collecting bricks, and playing together is sure to make for some quality family time.

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Build together with Countdown


So what exactly is in the bricks flow packs besides fun? The mystery brick packs can include anything from building bricks for the foundation and supermarket aisles to mini products, freezers and displays. Trolleys, solar panels, checkouts, fruits & vegetables, freezer and aisle shelves. These are just a few of the most exclusive mini brick sets that families can collect with the Countdown Bricks packs!

To begin building their Countdown Bricks supermarket journey, customers can purchase a Starter Kit, containing a baseboard, entrance wall, and stickers. There is also a Deluxe Starter Kit, with an additional wall and stickers included. In addition, collectors that want to create a “not-so-mini” supermarket can extend their line-up with the most exclusive merchandise items.

Families can have fun while collecting, building, and playing with:

  • Large Countdown Truck
  • Online Delivery Truck
  • Electric Car by Hyundai
  • Puzzle Playmat

But no supermarket would be complete without its customers. Customers can also purchase mini bricks figurines of Countdown Customers  to enhance the pretend-play experience! By navigating the green aisles of the Countdown Bricks Supermarket, starting with picking up a trolley moving all the way to the checkout registers, little ones can learn all about the inner workings of supermarkets.


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It’s all about a green future

What makes Countdown’s Bricks supermarket super special, however, is the fact that the bricks are made out of at least 80% recycled materials. With our newest technology, UNGA managed to turn old materials, such as old fridges, swimming goggles, and luggage handles, into this amazing collection of bricks. In addition, all the bricks of the line-up are certified by the Environmental Choice New Zealand. Don’t worry about any Bricks being left behind, Countdown is donating unwanted Bricks to Oranga Tamariki, a government charity for less privileged children in NZ with the intention to keep the Bricks in circulation and avoid waste.

Putting sustainability at the heart of decision-making, the bricks supermarket is designed as a green supermarket, just like the real Countdown shops around New Zealand. What does this mean? The Countdown Bricks supermarket has solar panels and electric car charging stations so that kids can not only learn about supermarket functions but also about sustainable practices at their favourite supermarket.

As Charlotte Healey, our Head of Strategy at UNGA Pacific said “It’s been fantastic to partner with our friends over the ditch at Countdown Supermarkets. We’ve worked closely with the team on every detail to develop an interactive, sustainable Countdown Supermarket for Kiwis to enjoy! The Countdown Bricks campaign makes sustainability fun and relevant to New Zealand families, as well as reflects Countdown and UNGA’s long term commitment to a greener future and a more positive impact on the planet”.

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