Creating Magic Together with Magnit and the Soyuzmultfilm Friends During the Holidays

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03.11.2021 campaigns

Creating Magic Together with Magnit: It’s still not quite that time of year yet but the Russian retailer Magnit is already building up excitement for the holiday season with a redemption campaign in Russia. In a new partnership with UNGA and Soyuzmultfilm (Союзмультфильм, in Russian), Magnit is bringing their loyal customers the opportunity to create magic together with the most popular characters from the Russian cartoons. 

During the 13-week loyalty program, starting November 3rd, 2021, customers can collect stamps when shopping at one of many Magnit’s stores across the country to redeem the cutest Soyuzmultfilm sets.


How to collect stamps (physical & digital):

  • 1 stamp for every 250 RUB spent at Magnit convenience store and Magnit Drugstore
  • 1 big double stamp for every 500 RUB spent at Magnit Family, Magnit Cosmetic, Magnit Opt, and Magnit Extra

How to redeem rewards:

  • 10 physical stamps + 399 RUB = one Soyuzmultfilm set
  • 10 digital stamps + 299 RUB = one Soyuzmultfilm set


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Decorate your Christmas tree with the joy of Soyuzmultfilm figurines and Christmas ornaments

During this loyalty program, families can collect stamps to redeem the most fun and playful rewards. There are a total of 9 sets to collect and play with. Each Soyuzmultfilm set includes one plush toy (approx. 20 centimeters) and one colorful Christmas ball that comes with an exclusive figurine inside.

Besides the line-up of 9 plush toy and figurine sets, there is also a special set created for Danone, a participant brand in this campaign. In this limited set, Danone is featured on the scarf of the plush toy and on the Christmas ball: one more item for kids to extend their line-up!

With the soft and cuddly plush toys, kids can enjoy a warm cuddle from their favorite license. Additionally, the Christmas balls come just in time to decorate families’ Christmas trees with the most famous characters that all Russian generations love. Grandparents, parents, and kids can come together on this magical moment with the Soyuzmultfilm friends!

All kids want for Christmas is Magnit & Soyuzmultfilm Book

In addition to the Soyuzmultfilm sets, Magnit is also offering families the opportunity to extend their collection with a book filled with the most recent new year tales: To the New Year with the New Stories (В Новый год с новыми сказками, in Russian). Written exclusively for this collaboration between Magnit and Soyuzmultfilm, the beautifully illustrated hardcover book helps families grow their reading and creative skills while enjoying the new adventures of the Soyuzmultfilm characters.

The stories are a great way to incorporate family time during the cold months, but also to fill the holiday season with joy while starting the countdown for the next year. What will families find in this exclusive book? Karlson brings a Christmas tree to the boy, Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka baking a cake together, Winnie the Pooh opening presents and finding something very unexpected, and many more stories to discover!


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Bringing all the Soyuzmultfilm characters alive!

Russian families can now bring the complete universe of Soyuzmultfilm to their homes. Besides the plush toys, Christmas balls and figurines, and the exclusive book of the line-up, Magnit is also launching a special mobile application with many interactive features for this campaign.

By scanning the illustrations from the book with the APP, the Soyuzmultfilm friends come alive with AR technology. But that’s not all! There are three audio stories in the book that can be played with the app, a perfect way to get little children even more engaged. In addition, Winnie-the-Pooh has also gained its own special game, where kids can help him to run and collect honey pots.

Kids and parents are all set to live this magical experience with Magnit and Soyuzmultfilm characters!

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