Komandor DC Super Friends Heroes are on a Special Mission in Russia

DC Super Friends
18.10.2021 campaigns

Komandor DC Super Friends heroes are ready to be brought home by Russian families. To give life to these soft and cute plush toys, UNGA partnered up with Warner Bros. Studios to reward loyal Komandor customers with unique DC Super Friends (DC Супер Друзья in Russian) in this new campaign. Batman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman are all set to become “super friends” with Russian kids and turn the upcoming colder winter months into days of play! 


How does it work?

During the 18-week loyalty campaign – from October 15th, 2021 to January 15th, 2022:

  • For every 350 RUB spent on groceries in Komandor supermarkets and discounters, shoppers receive one stamp.
  • For every 750 RUB spent on Komandor hypermarkets (Аллея and Командор), shoppers receive one stamp. 
  • With a full saver card (i.e. 10 stamps), families can get their hands on one of the five incredible DC Super Friends plush toys for only 299 RUB – that’s up to 70% discount!


Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman: Collect them all!

DC Super Friends

Playing and growing with DC Super Friends

Focusing on families, UNGA’s mission was to create loyalty rewards that would resonate with all family members and bring them closer together. Placing treasured family time in the center of the loyalty program, the campaign combines the nostalgic element of superheroes that parents grew up with, together with a cartoon that kids love to watch. That is exactly how the DC Super Friends heroes made it from cinemas and TVs to supermarket shelves – and now to Russian families’ homes!

Measuring up to 18 centimeters in height, the plush toys are the perfect size for kids to play with while developing their imagination and communication skills, allowing them to grow through pretend-play. Additionally, little ones can enjoy the sense of comfort from the soft plush toys of their favorite characters, which help them develop their social skills as well. 

The partnership between Komandor and UNGA goes way back. As Yuriy Kotlomin, General Director of UNGA LLC, shared: “We already had a successful loyalty program with DC Super Heroes at Komandor in 2016. Now they are back in Russia, with a new line-up and new design, and yet the same powerful effect. Go get them all!”




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