Discovery Garden Is Back at Woolworths, This Time It’s Even Better

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11.02.2021 campaigns, news

Before the campaign was even launched, Discovery Garden was already making a buzz with Aussie families sharing their excitement on social media. “This is just what we needed in 2021. This is my favourite supermarket promotion, so exciting,” posted a thrilled mom on Facebook.

Shoppers were indeed impatient to see the collectible promotion back in action again, and their wish, finally, got granted. The Discovery Garden campaign—designed by UNGA for Woolworths—is back again, only this time it’s even better!


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24 Discovery Garden bee-friendly seedling kits to collect

Starting this week, Woolworths’ customers can receive a free Discovery Garden seedling kit for every AUD 30 they spend on groceries whether in-store or online. The second edition of the instant reward program aims to surprise families with a line-up of 24 seedling kits to collect.

The varieties of flowers, vegetables, and herbs featured in the campaign are bee-friendly and include, among others, lavender, oregano, cherry tomatoes, and poppies. Edible flowers like zinnia and salvia are also part of this collection. Additionally, customers will have a chance to grow Shasta daisies as well, one of the prettiest kinds of daisies. How lucky! 


Increased focus on sustainability by making Discovery Garden bee-friendly 

Seedlings of bee-attracting plants are the exciting novelty of this year’s promotion. They will produce flowers that are rich in pollen and/or nectar, which will attract bees and other important pollinators. 

With this bee-friendly line-up (21 of the 24 featured varieties are bee-attracting), Woolworths adds an increased focus on the environment to the loyalty campaign. The retailer stimulates both adults and kids to learn more about providing food and creating a perfect habitat for their buzzing friends in their little garden. 

“With so much of our floral resources decimated by recent droughts, bushfires, and floods, our focus this year is to encourage pollination through our bee-attracting plants’ seedlings and replenish local gardens and community flora,” says Woolworths’ Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Hicks.

Each Discovery Garden kit has:

  • A cardboard FSC sleeve, including information and instructions and a seed label
  • A biodegradable seed mat made from dissolvable paper
  • The seeds
  • A natural and compostable pot made from wood pulp
  • And a coco pellet, a natural product made from coconut husk.

Families can also place all their pots on their beautiful Discovery Garden collector tray, which includes an FSC-certified paper backboard. 


An UNGA campaign to support Woolworths’ goals

For this second Discovery Garden promotion, UNGA is proud to support Woolworths’ goal, as the fresh food people, to engage families in a sustainable program and empower Aussies to get outside, start growing, and understand how food grows. This year, the supermarket’s new focus is, especially, on honey bees and the role they play in supporting the country’s food supply through pollination.

“It’s great to be partnering with Woolworths once again on Discovery Garden, building on the popularity of the last campaign and continuing to inspire and educate Aussies to be more sustainable and grow their own fresh food,” shares Charlotte Healey, Head of Strategy at UNGA Pacific. She adds, “With many of this year’s seeds chosen for their bee attraction, we can’t wait to see everyone start growing and helping bees along the way!” 

Now, let’s grow!
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