Hey Reader, the New Monthly Kids Book Club in the Netherlands

Hey Reader Kids Book Club
26.03.2020 news

Parents would love their kids to spend more time on books and less time watching screens. That is the main conclusion of our recent research conducted with Kantar. A great source of motivation for UNGA to pitch in and make reading fun again.
We are proud to introduce you to Hey Reader, our new monthly kids book club that stimulates reading habits from an early age.


Parents trust books for their children’s development

The research we recently conducted with Kantar shows that kids in the Netherlands spend relatively little time on books. Kids indeed prefer screens over reading, especially after school. Why? Mostly because they enjoy it and find it relaxing.

Nevertheless, parents strongly believe that reading is extremely important for their children’s development. In fact, they would really like to increase the amount of time they spend on books. 46% of interviewed parents say they would like them to spend more time reading by themselves, and 34% with a parent. “Parents are very much aware that books boost their kids’ vocabulary and help grow their general knowledge, which is why they are eager to stimulate their little ones to read more”, said Inez Schmitz, Insights Manager at UNGA. The research also points out that the rest of the parents are not against more book time. Those parents are, in fact, pretty satisfied with the current amount of time that their children spend reading. And almost none of the parents would actually like to see it decrease.


Hey Reader, the kids book club that makes reading fun again

UNGA recently launched Hey Reader, the newest kids book club subscription box in the Netherlands. It comes as a perfect tool to bring books back into families’ homes. Every month, expert curators select the best children’s books for 3 different age groups — 4-5, 6-7 and 8-9 — always putting quality first. Moreover, the box also encloses arts & crafts activities for kids. “We combine arts & crafts with books as it is a great combination to keep kids away from screens. Playful activities really help make reading fun. They stimulate reading habits in an entertaining manner”, described Daniela Molinos, Brand Manager at UNGA. Additionally, parents receive a letter explaining how Hey Reader can benefit little readers, with information about the book of the month, reading tips and much more. Truly, Hey Reader is for kids. But it also brings families closer together.



UNGA’s first direct to consumer service

At UNGA, we design playful and educational products for kids, helping them to grow through the power of play. We are able to do so by working closely with retailers and partners who offer our toys and collectables through short-term loyalty campaigns. Hey Reader is, therefore, a new step for UNGA. With a direct to consumer service, we start addressing families directly. “We’ve been studying and analyzing families’ habits, needs and wants for years now. Research and experience led us to understand that families tend to go back to authentic products and want convenience. Above all, they seek more quality time together. Knowing this, it only makes sense that we start helping them directly”, explained Daniela Molinos. 

Moreover, the packaging is recyclable and fits in the letter box, so parents don’t even need to be home to receive it. Convenience, quality and uniqueness play a crucial role in creating family moments.

Visit HeyReader.com for more information (in Dutch).


About the research

1000 respondents were interviewed in November – December 2019, in the Netherlands. The respondents were parents with children aged 4 to 10. The fieldwork was powered by Kantar and the report was produced by Inez Schmitz, Insights Manager at UNGA, checked and approved by Kantar.

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