How Nostalgia Marketing Can Boost Your Loyalty Campaign

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18.08.2021 research

Nostalgia marketing is a simple but effective concept. It utilizes popular media, such as old movies, songs, and characters, to create positive familiar and emotional connections and link it to a new marketing campaign and brand. This is only possible because familiar characters create feelings of security, trust, and engagement, which will then be associated with a new brand. To keep it simple, these are the key elements to understand how nostalgia marketing can boost your loyalty program by generating powerful emotions, interest, and engagement.


Why is nostalgia marketing powerful?

Nostalgia marketing has been used for many decades and it is proving to be particularly powerful and effective in today’s world. The reason behind this success is the consumer’s search for products and brands that bring them a more reliable and familiar feeling. In short, it is all about the emotional aspect. That is how nostalgia marketing can make customers associate something they love with a new brand or campaign. As a result, businesses tend to supercharge their popularity or name recognition based on nostalgic feelings from consumers.

Loyalty campaigns and nostalgia marketing have one important thing in common: they can be used as a marketing strategy to boost customer engagement with a brand. The combination of tactics can result in the best of both worlds: a successful and highly engaging loyalty campaign. The logic behind these concepts is simple. Loyalty campaigns are known for encouraging repeated shopping behavior and to build strong and loyal relationships between brands and customers. At the same time, nostalgia marketing can take a loyalty campaign to the next level by transferring the love that consumers feel for a nostalgic movie, for example, to a grocery retail brand.


Opportunities of nostalgia marketing to your campaign

Build emotional loyalty

Nostalgia marketing can help to build emotional loyalty with customers, which results in long-term customer loyalty. The trust, attachment, and affinity your customers feel for a piece of nostalgia, such as a childhood toy and characters, can be transferred to your brand if you utilize the right nostalgic elements or licenses in your loyalty program.

Transporting your customers back to their childhood, or to a time when they felt happy and safe, will help to forge a strong emotional connection between your supermarket and your target audience. More than that, your customers will also appreciate the nostalgic and memorable moment your shop is offering them and feel grateful more loyal to it.


Connect with Gen Y and their families

One significant challenge faced by grocery retailers is connecting with Generation Y and Millennials. Gen Y has specific shopping habits and interests, and understanding them and winning them over is a goal on most retailers’ strategy, as they represent an important shopper’s group: almost 30% of the world’s population (MSCI). In addition, they make up a significant proportion of parents, especially those of younger children, also on the grocery retailer’s radar.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel: it seems to be a consensus that millennials are one of the most nostalgic generations. So here is the golden opportunity of a loyalty campaign with nostalgic elements. Such a campaign can:

  • Attract kids due to playful elements and mechanics,
  • Resonate with millennial parents over something they loved during their childhood,
  • Connect different generations and stimulate more family moments,
  • Create a buzz on social media due to a nostalgic feeling


4 Reasons why you should use nostalgia marketing in your campaign

If you are not convinced that nostalgia marketing and loyalty campaigns are a great fit yet, check out how this combination can increase your campaign visibility according to a few Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


1. Boost foot traffic

Creating a limited edition loyalty campaign based on nostalgic marketing will help to boost in-store traffic as customers will feel compelled to get their hands on a limited-edition promotional item they feel nostalgic about. Your loyalty program can also attract new shoppers that are curious or interested in the campaign, driving more foot traffic to your store.


2. Increase your market share

In a highly competitive industry, as grocery retail, nostalgia marketing can help your business to cut through the noise of other brands and engage customers with something they already have a strong connection with. In addition, combining nostalgia with loyalty campaign is a great way to make sure you can win over key periods from your competitors, as more shoppers are expected to visit your store while the campaign is live.


3. Create word-of-mouth and online engagement

One thing to keep in mind is: nostalgic content is something that internet users love to talk and share about. While it brings happy old memories, it is also something that a whole generation can relate to and have good memories about.

That’s why a nostalgic loyalty campaign can boost your campaign awareness online, with millennials sharing about it on their social media channels. And the same effect is also expected offline, as the nostalgic feeling of your campaign will bring up old memories and stories to be shared with friends and families, generating positive word-of-mouth about your campaign.


4. Connect with costumers

Nostalgia marketing attracts a wide audience as it can appeal both to parents or older shoppers and also to a younger generation, who may be being introduced to an old film or character for the first time. With such a campaign, you will offer something that most of your customers can interact, play and have fun with.

For instance, Salling Group recently rewarded their customers with a successful loyalty campaign based on Space Jam: A New Legacy characters. Parents collected the nostalgic Space Jam plush toys and holocards, and children adored them due to their high-quality graphics and fun trading capabilities, connecting two generations together.


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