7 Supermarket Loyalty Campaigns You Don’t Want To Miss

22.12.2020 news

We craft billions of toys that paint smiles on children’s faces. Together with retailers, we bring joy to families and help them grow through the power of play.

With all the determination and hard work put in by our entire team, from both offices and homes, we bring incredible campaigns—featuring powerful novelties and innovations—to life throughout the world.

Take a look at our selection of 7 supermarket loyalty campaigns released in 2020 that you don’t want to miss!


The Brits and Irish grew a green thumb with M&S Little Garden

In February 2020, our Little Garden campaign hit Marks & Spencer in the UK and the Republic of Ireland for the first time. The environment-friendly loyalty campaign was a great opportunity for the retailer to build relevancy with family-aged customers and help children learn a whole lot about gardening and growing their own plants. Families loved it!

  • Adults and kids shopping at M&S Food could collect 12 varieties of vegetable, herb, and flower seedling kits to grow their Little Garden at home.
  • Shoppers could complete their collection with a range of accessories, such as a colorful miniature toolset and watering can, perfect for big and little gardeners alike.
  • When the UK and Ireland went under lockdown, M&S started to give away the seedling kits to all customers regardless of how much they spent on groceries. Families highly appreciated the retailer’s support in keeping children occupied and learning at home in the spring.

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Shoppers fell in love with the more sustainable Little Shop minis at M&S

July was an exciting month! For the second time in 2020, M&S offered its customers a new playful instant reward campaign: Little Shop 2. Unlike in 2019, the loyalty campaign was not just available to shoppers in the UK, but to those in Ireland as well. Plus, the minis were made of more sustainable materials, thereby encouraging families to play, reuse and recycle—a novelty that M&S and its environment-conscious customers welcomed with arms wide open.

  • Families and “kidults” could collect up to 26 Little Shop minis that were perfect replicas of staple M&S products such as Percy Pig Fruity Chews and Pink Lady apples.
  • They also had the chance to win a rare golden collectible: Colin the Caterpillar—limited to 1,000 pieces hidden in a few flow packs.
  • More sustainable Little Shop minis: One-third of the minis were made from paper or cardboard wherever possible, and the rest of the line-up was made from recycled plastic.

35 famous football players encouraged French families to eat healthier with Carrefour

In August, our first loyalty campaign designed for Carrefour France went live: Eat Like a Champ. With this initiative, Carrefour inspired shoppers to eat healthy and tasty by getting to know a bit more about their football idols’ favorite recipes. During those 8 weeks, the ‘Mange Comme Un Champion’ loyalty campaign gave Carrefour’s customers the chance to:

  • Collect stickers featuring 35 football players and their favorite healthy recipes in an inspiring collector’s album.
  • Upload and save their stickers in an online album via the Eat Like a Champ app, where families could also play games and unlock challenges.
  • Get inspired by Ronaldo, Varane, Verratti, Alarcon, Depay, and many more renowned football players, who also introduced their followers to Eat Like A Champ on social media.

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Checkers Little Garden was back by popular demand with locally produced seedling kits

In summer 2020, we came together with Checkers once more to invite families in South Africa to garden together. This year, Checkers Little Garden seedling kits were produced locally and included special novelties that helped families learn more about nature.

  • Customers could collect 24 seedling kits to grow 6 herbs, 8 flowers, and 10 vegetables.
  • The seedling kits were season-appropriate and made a great bee-friendly Little Garden, encouraging children to treat their buzzing friends with nectar and pollen.
  • During this environment-friendly campaign, families could also buy a collector’s tray made of pulp and a wooden bee hotel to complete their Little Garden collection.
  • Little Garden 2 was a locally sourced and produced campaign that empowered communities and created employment for more than 150 people, most of whom were women.

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New World Little Garden 3 was in time for New Zealand’s spring planting season

One-third of New World shoppers already liked gardening as a form of relaxation, and 37% upped their gardening activity even more when COVID-19 came along. So needless to say, customers were pretty excited to get their beloved Little Garden campaign back for the third time in September 2020.

  • Shoppers could grow a diverse Little Garden by collecting 24 different vegetable, herb, and flower seedling kits.
  • Sustainability was incorporated in every element of New World’s Little Garden 3, including a collector’s tray made of sugarcane pulp and plastic-free merchandise, such as kids’ aprons, watering cans, gardening gloves, and other tools.
  • The campaign contributed to educating children and families on nutrition and healthy habits with a range of recipes to use their Little Garden harvest in.

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Lidl Shop 2 brought the whole shopping world directly to families’ homes in Portugal

Four years after our first campaign with Lidl, Lidl Shop returned to Portugal in September 2020. Once more, we shrank down Lidl’s most popular products into the cutest toys. With this collection, which turned adults into kids and kids into adults, Lidl put the importance of family play moments in the spotlight. With this instant reward campaign:

  • Families could collect mini replicas of their favorite products: up to 40 collectibles ranging from food and beverages and beauty and cleaning products to home articles like kitchen appliances and drills.
  • They could also re-create their own Lidl Shop at home with a collector’s case where children could store all their mini products and make play happen.
  • A special booklet was made available, containing delicious recipes and facts & figures about food and products to help families learn about their food consumption.

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Magnit brought joy to Russian homes by inviting families to “Have Fun with Hasbro Games”

The year was almost coming to an end when Magnit, together with UNGA and Hasbro, launched a cheerful redemption campaign. Families were invited to collect stamps that could be redeemed for five iconic Hasbro board games with up to 80% discount. UNGA also gave one of the games a special twist.

  • Families could redeem stamps for 5 of the most popular board games in the world: Monopoly Classic, Monopoly Junior, Cluedo, Guess Who, and Trivial Pursuit.
  • All the games for this loyalty campaign were made with minimal use of plastic (only 2%).
  • UNGA also designed and produced the Monopoly Junior | Magnit edition specially for Magnit’s loyal little customers to play store managers, with products of participating brands that made the play experience even more realistic.

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