Lidl Shop Returns in Portugal 4 Years After the First Campaign

08.09.2020 campaigns, news

The famous grocery miniatures hit Portugal in 2016, and they now make a comeback at Lidl with the Lidl Shop 2 loyalty campaign. Once again, UNGA was there to shrink down Lidl’s most popular products into the cutest toys. With this collection that turns adults into kids and kids into adults, Lidl puts the importance of family play moments in the spotlight


From September 7 to November 15, 2020, Lidl is bringing the whole shopping world directly to families’ homes. For each €15 spent on groceries, customers can receive a flow pack enclosing a mini grocery item. Families can collect up to 40 mini toys that include food and beverages, beauty and cleaning products, but also home articles like kitchen appliances and drills. We also designed a whole range of fresh products like asparagus and avocado for a complete lineup. Lidl’s home brand is featured, along with famous A-brands that Portuguese families know and love: Iglo, Dodot, Pedigree, Persil, Coca Cola, L’Oréal, Garnier, and many more.


Some of the Lidl Shop collectibles, including the drill and fresh products.

With the true replicas of the market-leading products, Lidl offers children and parents an opportunity to pretend-play together and thus stimulate children’s development. Lidl Shop 2 is indeed a great way to pass on knowledge about the real world to youngsters, stimulate children’s self-confidence and autonomy as well as the development of their language and thinking skills. Read more about what kids can learn with a little shop.

This playful experience is also strengthened by the additional merchandise that families can purchase in-store, which includes the Lidl Shop cash register, the delivery truck, but also new toys like the little forklift, play money, and the shopping bag. 


The amazing collector's case: a realistic mini version of a Lidl Shop.

That’s not all! UNGA also designed a mini replica of a Lidl shop that looks as good as real and brings the whole playability to the next level. This mini version of a Lidl shop is, in fact, a collector’s case where children can store all their mini products and make play happen. Lidl didn’t forget the parents either and created special booklets for them. They include some nice recipes as well as facts & figures about food and products for families to read and learn. Have a look!

The mini groceries, the merchandise items, and this mini Lidl Shop collector’s case together really illustrate how loyalty campaigns are great support for families to play and grow.

Now at Lidl, the play is ready to (re)start! More information on


Video credit: Lidl

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