Mi Mini Lidl Brings the Joy of Grocery Shopping Home

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11.10.2021 campaigns

Starting September 23rd, families can visit Lidl stores all over Spain to collect miniature versions of their favorite products. Spanish families can bring their groceries, as well as the mini supermarket experience home. The collectible mini store products open children and families up to play, discovery, and joy!


Mi Mini Lidl: Collect, Discover, and Play

For every €20 spent on groceries, customers will receive a free pack containing a mini grocery item. There are 25 unique miniatures, made out of at least 99% recycled materials and FSC certified paper, to collect such as food, beauty, and home items. Cute mini versions of apples, bread, cheese, shampoo, and exclusive Lidl shoes are just a few of the many miniature collectible items in the line-up.

The loyalty campaign includes mini versions of customer favorites from world-renowned brands to enhance the play experience. The A-brands trust that their products, made mini, are in good hands with UNGA and Lidl. “Once again, UNGA is proud to partner with Lidl to introduce Little Shop to their customers in Spain. We are extremely happy to bring amazing replicas of iconic products to families’ homes for kids and adults to play with and have fun,” says Patricia Thomopoulos, Senior Account Manager at UNGA.

Mi mini Lidl Campaign - Detail

Unfold the fun with a Mini Tienda Lidl

The campaign also features a Mini Tienda collectors’ case designed by UNGA. But this is no ordinary collectors’ case! The case is shaped as an easy-to-carry briefcase on the outside and a beautiful mini Lidl supermarket, detailed with supermarket aisles, cashier desk, store entrance, parking lot and even solar panels on the “inside”. Families can have a realistic supermarket experience from the comfort of their homes by filling the collectors’ case with all of the collectibles! The portable Mini Tienda Lidl case allows kids to bring fun and play everywhere they go. 

Of course, a complete grocery-shopping experience would not be complete without shop employees and supermarket essentials. Thus, kids can extend their collection with two Lidl employee figurines, a trolley, basket, cash register, forklift, and truck; allowing families to create a hyper-realistic Lidl universe while learning all about supermarket operations.

Lidl extends its commitment to the environment with this loyalty campaign in the following ways:

  • Offering minis made of 99% recycled materials and FSC paper, and certified by the Green Leaf Foundation ensuring that the production was made in an environmentally conscious way
  • Fighting climate change: by including recycling messages in the collectors’ case
  • Promoting healthy eating habits: by including veggies and fresh fruits
  • Supporting sustainable production: by including bio, organic, vegan products


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