Monopoly Junior – Magnit Edition: Our Custom-Made Board Game

20.01.2021 campaigns, news

Sold in 114 countries and translated into 47 languages, Monopoly is the most popular board game worldwide (1). In fact, it is estimated that more than 1 billion people have played the game (2).
In 2020, UNGA proudly became part of the Monopoly story by redesigning the original Monopoly Junior game and turning it into a special Magnit edition.



Our tailor-made Monopoly Junior for the Russian retailer Magnit

Monopoly Junior – Magnit Edition is a tailor-made version created for the loyal customers of Russian retailer Magnit. This special edition invites children to become store managers and to play with products by participating brands that they usually see on Magnit’s shelves, such as Danone, PepsiCo, and many more well-known FMCG brands. What’s more, in addition to making the play experience even more realistic, the participating brands also helped make the campaign more affordable for the retailer.

Customers love the conscious and minimal use of plastic (only 2%) for the production of the board games. In this special edition, Magnit’s colorful supermarket stands are made of cardboard and create a 3D adventure on top of the board.

Furthermore, the game also includes a 3D supermarket trolley in which players can put their groceries while moving through the game. Monopoly Junior – Magnit Edition brings perfect entertainment to the little ones and stimulates family quality time.

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The statement piece of Magnit’s “Have Fun With Hasbro Games” loyalty campaign

The Monopoly Junior – Magnit Edition game was offered as a reward to Magnit’s loyal customers during “Have Fun With Hasbro Games”, a redemption campaign rolled out in Russia in Winter 2020–21.


Co-designed by UNGA and Hasbro, this campaign was an engaging and unique way to celebrate the long-lasting relationship between Magnit and its customers, while bringing fun into Russian families’ homes.

According to Yuriy Kotlomin, General Director of UNGA Eastern & Central Europe, developing a unique Monopoly Junior – Magnit Edition is evidently a very effective strategy to catch customers’ interest and boost participation in the loyalty campaign. “Moreover, the campaign unites strong brands on both local (Magnit) and international levels (Hasbro, Danone, PepsiCo), which overall has a great impact on the perceived value of the rewards. It also creates a strong appeal that brings rapid awareness and store traffic during the whole campaign period”, emphasizes Yuriy.


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