New World Little Garden 2022: Kiwi Families Grow a Better Future

29.08.2022 campaigns

Spring of 22’ is looking greener and fresher in New Zealand thanks to New World Little Garden 2022!

Kiwi families tiptoed over the previous Little Garden campaigns that the famous grocery retailer New World had to bring the seedling collectible promotion back again! This year, New Zealanders are invited to enjoy their favorite gardening collectible campaign with New World Little Garden.


New World Little Garden 2022: Phones off, gloves on!

Starting from August 29th, for every NZD 40 spent on groceries, shoppers receive a free Little Garden seedling kit. The 2022 Little Garden loyalty campaign is about rewarding shoppers with 24 unique seedlings kits to play, learn & grow.

What’s the surprise for our little gardeners this time? These are not just 24 casual seedling kits. This August, families, and kids have the chance to grow their garden with seeds propagated exclusively in New Zealand – a first for our New World Little Garden campaigns, a first globally!

Coriander, oregano, thyme, chives, broccoli, kale, and carrot are just some of the fresh herbs & veggies that Kiwi families can grow and explore in their delicious healthy recipes. To engage kids & families in a healthy journey, New World decided to go beyond the seeds and is also launching new fresh friends character stickers that come inside each seedling kit.


Reviving New Zealand’s green thumb with Little Garden

Our little seedling kits always have their roots tied closely to sustainability – every seedling kit is composed of a seed mat, a compostable pot, a soil pod, and a pop-out name tag and are all packaged in FSC cardboard. Plus, they include instructions on how to grow the seeds, and of course the fresh friend character sticker.

With Little Garden 2022, New World strives to teach families the importance of sustainable production through gardening. But there is more: New World seedling kits are packed with quality family time where parents and kids can ‘play, grow & learn’ about the importance of healthy eating by growing their own food at home!

“Over the years New World’s Little Garden campaigns have proven very popular, so I’m so happy we could create another campaign for them and see it returning to stores.  With a fresh new line up of seeds and fun characters to collect, I’m sure customers across the country are going to be excited to start growing their own little gardens at home again.” – Jessica Richards, Senior Account Manager, UNGA.


New World & UNGA: The seeds that never stop growing

Our Little Garden has been one of the most iconic campaigns at New World ever since it was revealed to Kiwi families six years ago: families never get tired of it and why would you!

With the success of the past three editions of Little Garden campaigns, New World could drive up its brand awareness and loyalty, becoming the pioneer for green loyalty initiatives in the retail industry in the land of the long white cloud.

Who’d ever thought putting on gloves and planting seedlings would bring families and retailers closer together? Our friends at New World never stopped believing in the power of play, that’s why UNGA is proud to have a long-standing partnership with New World, helping them to grow together with families ever since 2013!

“We are thrilled to bring New World Little Garden back for our customers – it’s captured their hearts, and it’s the one campaign that customers reach out to us about, asking us to bring it back. It has broad appeal for young and old, and New World is so proud to support wholesome family moments, inspire with new ways to enjoy eating healthy vegetables and educate customers on how to buy in-season.” – Sarah Austin, Marketing Manager Retail & Shopper, Foodstuffs Marketing & CX.


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