Our Plush Toys Made from Recycled Materials Hit the Shelves in Denmark

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21.06.2021 campaigns, innovation, news

At the end of May, Salling Group launched the Space Jam: A New Legacy campaign. For this amazing loyalty program, Salling Group partnered up with UNGA and together, we created our first line-up of plush toys made of recycled materials: An important step in making loyalty rewards more sustainable.

Salling Group delights families with 5 iconic Looney Tunes plush toys to redeem and collect

During the Space Jam: A New Legacy loyalty campaign, co-created with Salling Group and Warner Bros. Entertainment, families shopping at føtex, Bilka and BR Toys receive a free Space Jam: A New Legacy sticker booklet for every DKK 100 they spend.

Each booklet includes 1 Holocard and 2 stickers + 1 saver sticker. Once they have collected 5 saver stickers to complete a full saver card + DKK 40, families can redeem one of the Space Jam: A New Legacy plush toys in the line-up: Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety or Taz.

For Salling Group, we indeed turned 5 iconic characters from the Looney Tunes into soft and cuddly plush toys, appealing to both kids and parents. Who knew that in addition to helping
a basketball star to defeat the Goon Squad and save his son, the Looney Tunes would also help protect the planet?

Turning plastic bottles into beautiful Space Jam: A New Legacy plush toys

When Salling Group teamed up with UNGA, sustainability was at the center of the equation. Therefore, we decided to put the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ premise into action. And so we did! We transformed plastic bottles into plastic pellets, that we turned into yarn to create the soft plush toys now on shelves at føtex, Bilka and BR Toys in Denmark.

With this recycling process, UNGA and Salling Group saved plastic from ending up in landfills or in the ocean and instead, created durable plush toys that families will have fun and play with for years.

The Space Jam: A New Legacy plush toys in the line-up are all certified according to the Recycled Claim Standard (RSC), the voluntary, international content claim standard that confirms the recycled material claims by tracking input.

Additionally, the hang tags attached to the Space Jam: A New Legacy plush toys with a thread (no plastic) are made of FSC paper (Forest Stewardship Council certification), just like the Space Jam: A New Legacy Holocards and stickers given away during the campaign.

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