Our Recipe for the Successful Little Shop Loyalty Concept


Who as a kid has never imitated their parents grocery shopping or pretend to play as a grocery store cashier? We know kids love to do that, and we also know that they like collectibles. Our creative team put it all together and came up with a special recipe for a successful concept: customers collecting miniatures of their favorite supermarket products. Zoom in on the ingredients that made Little Shop such a hit among kids and families.


Ingredient #1: creating excellent miniatures

Encouraging everyone to play and have fun at work might sound risky, but believe us when we tell you that it is worthy and efficient. By doing so, our designers’ creativity gets stimulated and keeps our production team’s motivation fly high. Coupled with our knowledge of families and our expertise in loyalty marketing, our creativity brought to life our award-winning Little Shop loyalty concept.

By unleashing their inner-child, our designers used their imagination and their special powers. And the result was stunning. They created super well-made collectibles that looked as good as real. Dozens of different products and brands figurines – tailored to specific retailers’ needs – came to life. Their original and detailed look and feel made parents and children very enthusiastic.


Ingredient #2: using iconic products and brands

Thanks to our innovators and toy makers, awesome collectibles were crafted. And thanks to the trust of our worldwide renowned partners, they were brought to the core of a highly rewarding experience for shoppers. The combination of super beautifully designed figurines and consumers’ favorite brands made our Little Shop concept a hype.

Little Shop would not only entertain kids but also satisfy the parents’ love for their best-liked brands and collectibles. Enthusiastic families were visiting their local supermarket on a very regular basis to make sure they would not miss out on any of the collectibles. As a result, they were able to bring home a very cute Little Shop, transforming their children into happy little shoppers and cashiers.


Ingredient #3: making sure kids’ development is never left out

At UNGA, we believe that kids play to grow and thus care about creating campaigns where entertainment and education converge. Our Little Shop concept indeed meets this goal. The miniature products play a role in supporting kids’ pretend play. The process of pretending actually builds their social, emotional, language and thinking skills. It also nurtures their imagination, essential for kids’ development. Furthermore, the Little Shop concept gives children the chance to play with their parents, siblings, and friends. They thereby learn to cooperate and communicate with others from a  young age and through a fun activity.

Mix them all and you get a successful loyalty campaign!

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