Right To Play and UNGA Partner Up to Promote the Power of Play

UNGA partners up with Right to Play
26.02.2020 news

In 2020, we take a step forward in our mission to enable children and families to grow. UNGA is proud to announce that it is teaming up with the non-profit organization Right To Play to promote the power of play, to highlight how it can help children in the most difficult places of the world and to help them rise and recapture hope.

Enabling children to play to grow

Picture kids playing in a sunny playground. Now, scratch the surface. What else can you see apart from the fun and entertainment? If you are careful, you will notice that by stacking brick toys, children learn patience and balance. They enhance their logical thinking and improve their motor skills. By pretend playing, kids expand their imagination and socialize with others. And when they play collective sports, children are actively learning teambuilding, fairness and even inclusion.

That is what UNGA relies on. When we design toys, games and educational products, we always put entertainment at the service of learning and child development. Similarly, our friends at Right To Play use the Power of Play to fight different battles.

Empowering children to rise above challenges

In many parts of the world, children do not have the chance to be reckless, to be carefree, to play and learn naturally. When they have to face ills such as violence, child labor, early marriage, illiteracy and severe inequality from a young age, they need to fight. They require tools to stay safe, to be respected and to receive an education. Play is one of the most important and effective of these tools. Through different means, such as games, sports or arts, play empowers children, giving them the knowledge and skills that can help them rise above these challenges.

That is what Right To Play relies on. Through sport and play-based programs, Right To Play protects, educates and empowers children in 15 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and gives them a chance to heal from the harsh realities and create a better future for themselves.

Right To Play and UNGA

A partnership to join forces to promote the power of play

“Right To Play and UNGA share the same mission. So, joining forces is a great way to bring awareness to the power of play”, explained Woes Weinberg, Head of Marketing at UNGA. As of 2020, UNGA will indeed be providing Right To Play with a yearly contribution that will support the organization and the play-based programs. “As a creative agency, we operate globally. We work with clients and partners in over 35 countries and we thereby reach millions of families every day. We now want to educate as many citizens of the world as we can on the power of play and thus support Right To Play’s initiatives”, Weinberg stated.

2020 marks the beginning of UNGA and Right To Play’s collaboration. More information will be available about this later in the year. Stay tuned.

About Right To Play

Right To Play is a global non-profit organization that protects, educates and empowers children in some of the most difficult places on earth, using the power of play. The organization reaches 2.3 million children each year in 15 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. By harnessing play, one of the most fundamental forces in a child’s life, they teach children the critical skills they need to dismantle barriers and embrace opportunities, in learning and in life.

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