Ring in the New Year with our 2022 Retail Marketing Calendar

Your 2022 Retail Marketing Calendar
23.11.2021 news

As a retail marketer, creating a powerful marketing plan – also known as Retail Marketing Calendar – is a vital part of the yearly strategy and planning. Are you already getting ready with your 2022 strategy? Do you need more control and visibility over your 2022 plans? Looking for ways to start a successful year? We can help you with all of these!

Here is the secret to success: plan a successful year for your business and customers, knowing key dates and events taking place is necessary to reach your established marketing goalsWith that said, UNGA has made it a bit easier to plan your 2022 with our Retail Marketing Calendar.

The Retail Marketing Calendar for the year 2022 includes: 

  • Annual recurring events
  • Sports events 
  • Seasonal updates
  • Sales days

UNGA has rounded up all key retail dates in 2022 to help you create opportunities to reach out to the families that form your customer base: Download the 2022 Retail Marketing Calendar here.

Marketing Calendar

What is the importance of a retail marketing calendar?


Being “in the know” about key events and holiday dates can boost your customer base’s loyalty to your brand and increase sales. You, grocery retailer, know what holidays and events resonate with your customers. The next step is taking advantage of our calendar and planning marketing events based on the holidays and events listed.

All of these important dates can be transformed into opportunities for growth. You can even add dates important to your brand such as anniversaries, recurring campaigns and programmes, and much more! 

These events can be translated into promotional sales, loyalty campaigns, or anything else you can put your mind to. So if you are looking for a great base to plan your 2022 marketing activities, look no further!

Download your calendar now and start planning now.


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