Skrepishi 3: The Playful Elastic Bands to Collect at Magnit

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23.09.2021 campaigns, news

Magnit has partnered up with UNGA and Hotel Transylvania by Sony Pictures to launch an exciting new campaign for kids and parents all over Russia. Skrepishi 3 is waiting for them in stores all over the country! The campaign encourages kids and families to collect and play with colorful elastic bands that can be used to personalize almost any object they have, such as bags and pencil cases. 

During the 6-week loyalty campaign, shoppers receive one free pack containing one elastic band for every 400 RUB spent on groceries in Magnit stores. Bands depict characters such as Dracula, Mavis, and Johnny. Magnit’s convenience stores are also participating in the collectible program, rewarding shoppers with two free packs for every 800 RUB spent. Four unique bracelets from participating brands: Danone, PepsiCo, Felix, and Whiskas are also available.

“It is an amazing achievement of joint hard work”, says Yuriy Kotlomin, General Director, UNGA LLC. “We are very proud and enjoyed collaborating with everyone involved in bringing this project to life.” 

Meet the Skrepishi 3!

The Skrepishi 3 (Cкрепыши 3 in Russian) are rubber toy miniatures featuring different playful and funny characters. They are all about simulating kids’ creativity and can be used as accessories, such as bracelets and headbands, or attached to any object, such as clothes, backpacks, or shoes to style and personalize them.

In a remarkable partnership with Magnit and Sony Pictures Entertainment, UNGA created a special touch to the irresistible line-up. Some elastic bands were designed based on characters from Hotel Transylvania 4, building excitement all across the country. 

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In total, families can collect 28 unique elastic bands:

  • 10 featuring the Hotel Transylvania 4 main characters: Dracula, Blobby, Dennis, Wolf, Mavis, Mummy, Invisible Guy, Frank, Twinkles Dog, and Crystal
  • 4 from the participating brands: including Danone, PepsiCo, Whiskas, and Felix
  • 4 unique branded bracelets celebrating Magnit
  • 10 trendy characters that kids love: Ghost, Pizza, Star, Pig, Viking, Alien, Poop, Cosmonaut, Cactus, and Like
  • + 1 special VIP bracelet – which can be only collected together with the collector’s case!

A unique collector’s case pre-filled with Skrepishi elastic bands

UNGA designed a beautiful collector’s case, complete with all the Skrepishi, which can be acquired as a merchandise item exclusively in Magnit’s stores. The collector’s case comes with an exclusive VIP bracelet, which cannot be collected in the flow packs. The case allows collectors to store and admire the bracelets thanks to the window and designated spots and names of each bracelet. Russian kids are excited to get their hands on all the Skrepishi elastic bands!

The fun continues on the Magnit app

To extend the fun and playability of the Skrepishi 3 campaign, our digital experts developed an online game. When accessing Magnit’s mobile app, shoppers can play a memo game at different levels. Each level consists of 3 games, released weekly during the campaign period. 

During the first 4 weeks of the campaign, shoppers can unlock 12 unique digital bracelets by winning the mini-games. On the app, participants can access their digital collection in 3D and take pictures and screenshots of the digital bracelets. By allowing kids the opportunity to collect both physical and digital bracelets, the “phygital” aspect, valued by kids and families, is achieved.


Learn more on Magnit’s Skrepishi 3: click here

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