Stimulating Kids’ Creative Skills with Space Jam: A New Legacy Holocards

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23.06.2021 campaigns, news

We’ve seen a surge in Arts & Crafts as the pandemic has forced many to stay at home and focus on indoor activities. So, for Salling Group’s Space Jam: A New Legacy loyalty campaign, we turned insights into action and customized UNGA’s Holocards concept to the world-famous license.

Discover how our loyalty rewards are building up excitement for the upcoming movie release in Denmark but also stimulating kids’ creative skills.

20 Holocards and 40 stickers to collect with Salling Group’s Space Jam: A New Legacy loyalty campaign

During the Space Jam: A New Legacy loyalty campaign co-created with Salling Group and Warner Bros., families shopping at føtex, Bilka and BR Toys receive a free Space Jam sticker booklet for every DKK 100 they spend.

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When unwrapping their Space Jam: A New Legacy sticker booklets, families happily discover 4 items: 1 Holocard, 2 normal stickers, and 1 saver sticker. The Space Jam: A New Legacy stickers can be collected and placed in the collector’s album.

Sold at føtex, Bilka, and BR Toys for DKK 40, the collector’s album is made of a hard cover and 48 pages. It is enriched with colorful games, facts and activities about the Space Jam: A New Legacy license which stimulate kids to learn through play.

And there’s more! The album also includes a battery-operated light module. By placing their collected Space Jam: A New Legacy Holocards on top of the light module, kids can easily learn to trace and draw their favorite Space Jam characters.

As we care about families’ expectations and retailers’ requirements with regards to sustainability, we’re proud to bring a novelty to our Holocards concept with this campaign. The translucent part of the Holocards is indeed now made of translucent paper, contributing to making the stickers and cards plastic-free.

All the sticker booklets, stickers and Holocards are made from FSC paper (Forest Stewardship Council certification), ensuring that the products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Moreover, families can also collect Space Jam: A New Legacy plush toys made of recycled materials.


Growing kids’ drawing and creative skills

Drawing is one of the central activities featured in the Space Jam: A New Legacy loyalty campaign, making it not only fun but also educational. Drawing has indeed numerous benefits for kids’ development:

  • It helps kids develop fine motor skills by holding and manipulating drawing accessories and materials.
  • It stimulates visual analysis and spatial thinking, by helping kids to be more aware of distances, sizes and textures.
  • It helps children to concentrate and focus on a demanding task, especially needed at school.
  • Drawing also improves hand-eye coordination, to which Holocards’ tracing features contribute.
  • And finally, it stimulates kids’ creativity and imagination.

When taking on drawing activities, kids don’t even realize that they are learning and growing skills, simply because they are having fun – even more when drawing movie characters that they love.

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