The Power of Kids and Families in Retail Loyalty

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30.06.2022 news

Have you ever wondered what the future of loyalty will look like? It is crucial to realize that the kids of today will soon become the shoppers of tomorrow. How can we prepare for this new generation and more importantly, how can you connect with them now? These are important questions that retailers and brands that want to succeed will have to answer in the blink of an eye. 

These and many other kids-related topics were discussed on several panels at the “Kids en Jongeren Marketing Congres” in Utrecht (Netherlands) on June 27th, 2022. The event brought together experts who shared their knowledge and experience in kids marketing in different markets. To share a bit of UNGA’s contribution to kids-focused loyalty programs, our CEO Hong Liem held a keynote presentation on the power of kids in retail loyalty.

Missed the event but still want to know more about the “Kids in retail loyalty” presentation? Don’t worry, we selected a few of the topics and audience questions, answered by Hong Liem, to give a small glimpse of the presentation. Enjoy a Questions & Answers panel from UNGA’s CEO, made especially for you!

Why do retailers need a loyalty agency?

Hong Liem: “Creating a personalized loyalty program is a full-time job. The journey starts from understanding the branding of each retailer, to concept development, design, sourcing, production, and logistics to deliver a successful campaign with the perfect marketing activation. This means that a good loyalty program relies on a 360º campaign strategy, something that loyalty agencies are experts on! Besides, a loyalty agency can add even more value with the expertise and experience of their past loyalty programs, adding a creative and customized touch that will turn a simple giveaway into a successful campaign.


Is it possible to run the same campaign in different countries?

Hong Liem: “First, it’s important to understand that all customers are unique, but many values are universal. To roll out a successful campaign, it’s vital to understand the common needs and values of shoppers and have local insights to tailor these to a specific market. With a clear understanding of the market and customers, it’s possible to customize a campaign following local trends and culture. From experience, we have concepts that have been rolled out multiple times in different countries and proven to be international successes. It’s a matter of understanding and giving shoppers something they appreciate. For us that also means working closely with retailers on their loyalty card programs, to personalize loyalty campaigns even further, as that only needs creativity which UNGA can bring

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What are educative loyalty programs?

Hong Liem: “Educative loyalty programs are the ones that go beyond simple toy giveaways. We like to define them as well-thought campaigns that bring value to families, inviting them to an engaging experience where our motto ‘play to grow’ applies. In other words, I’d say that an educative loyalty program starts with playful and educational concepts, translated into collectibles that will increase kids’ interest in several topics, for instance, gardening, sustainability, healthy living… You name it! We can translate it into a campaign! Beyond the giveaway, there are also several opportunities to explore to make the campaign even more educational, such as campaign communication, social initiatives, activation with partners, or supporting educational materials.


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Why is personalization important?

Hong Liem: “Personalization is at the core of our loyalty programs. In fact, personalization should be at the core of any loyalty program out there. To create loyalty between shoppers and retailers, it’s important that customers feel appreciated and unique, so giving more of the same will not be enough. Creating loyalty is all about connecting with customers on the emotional level, and for this, you’ll need the “wow” effect of surprise, delight, and appreciation that only a personalized loyalty program can deliver.


How to make loyalty campaigns more sustainable?

Hong Liem: “From our experience at UNGA, there are several ways of making loyalty campaigns more sustainable. First, by choosing a more sustainable concept, retailers can also stimulate kids and families to understand more about the environment and get their hands dirty, for instance with the Little Garden seedling campaign. In addition, there are also more sustainable materials, such as recycled plastic and FSC paper, allowing for playful rewards to be produced in a more environmentally-friendly way. For example, by creating recycled bricks, we save old plastic that would end up in the landfill and turn it into durable toys that can be played with for years. Moreover, there are other activation ideas that can be used, such as recycling partnerships and donations, and many other creative ways to minimize the impact of the campaign.


About the ‘Kids en Jongeren Marketing Congres’

As the annual conference for marketers and communication specialists, the 30th edition of the congress “The Game Changer Edition” focused on the constant changes in the world of kids and youngsters, and how brands need to adapt to offer them a memorable experience. 

With more than 12 speakers, the event was a great initiative to share the trends and developments of this new generation, and rethink the ways brands are communicating with them.

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